Yuck, This Yogurt Sucks!

I’ve posted before about people being inconsiderate, and here is another example. Anyone who works in an office building knows that only every second or third office has a thermostat, and that person controls the heat for the offices around him. Everyone who has worked in an office building also knows that there is always someone inconsiderate of his neighbors. The guy in the office next to me (between my boss and I) likes the heat turned down… way down. My boss and I both freeze all day long and he doesn’t much care. Yesterday he was gone so my boss snuck in and turned it up a tad. Oh what a wonderful feeling it was! This morning he is back… and so is the cold. In fact, I think just to spite us, he’s turned it down even more than usual. Bugger.

So I’m sitting here eating my breakfast (peach Silhouette yogurt is not very good- by the way), checking out my blog surfer, and going through my morning emails. I’ve only got a couple things to clear off of my desk this morning and then I am going to close my office door and study the rest of the afternoon because I am finally taking that exam tonight, after rescheduling it 3 times due to my cold (which is finally almost gone *knock on wood*).

So you know how I mentioned before in some random post that clingy had kept asking me what my plans were for Christmas, and I was sensing he was going to ask to spend it together? Well… even after repeatedly telling him that I spend every Christmas with my family, he finally said it the other day.

“So I meant to tell you, that if you’re spending Christmas alone, I’d be more than happy to come over.”

Uhh… what part of “I always spend Christmas with my family” made you think that I would be spending it alone?  I think he was trying to subtly tell me that HE was going to be alone, and maybe I should feel bad about that- but I don’t. Not one little teensy bit. It’s not my fault he can’t afford to fly home. It’s not my fault he doesn’t have friends or family here he can spend it with. Needless to say, we haven’t been talking much lately. I’m kinda thrilled about it. The other day he was going on about how he’s not much good at dating and he said “heck, I don’t even think you like me at all”. I didn’t deny it, I just started talking about something else.

About time you figured that out, genius.

I know I’m not being very kind. I should really just cut him loose and tell him flat-out that I think he’s a horrible human being, but I don’t even care enough about him to do that. After all the jerk-off things he says sometimes, I don’t really feel bad about it either. He doesn’t deserve a second thought. I talk to him when I talk to him strictly because I’m bored, and now that I’m starting to get over this cold it will probably come to and end soon. Man I’m a bitch.

Edit: I studied today for 3.5 hours… I read 8 modules, did 8 online quizes, wrote my exam in under 30 minutes and got 80%. Go me! I’m totally happy with that mark considering the work I put into it. Thank god it’s over. I also worked out for a full 50 minutes today which is wicked awesome since I’m in crappy shape and haven’t been working out while I’ve been sick. Somebody’s on a ROLL!