That Moment When…


…you unexpectedly realize “the love of your life” was cheating on you for god knows how long and has been in a Facebook status worthy relationship with some skanky looking girl for a month and a half already. …you realize … Continue reading

A Guest Post by Brenda: Keep Dreaming!!

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” -Gloria Steinem

That goes for my dear co-blogger who dared to call me out on her last post!! I blushed when I read the last little paragraph. It’s okay, now I’m here…and guess who I’m going to talk about??? HER!! (This is going to sound more like a huge comment than a post).

This quote that I put in here was in cheers to the improvement and happiness she seems to have settled with in her life. She sounds excited…doesn’t she? And what’s wrong with being excited? I think it’s the most squirmy, weird, and pleasant feeling I have ever felt, and hope she feels that way too. Let’s talk about TextGuy. Uh-huh, Sarah…we have to discuss him a little. A bit of girl talk. Here’s a quick and dirty interview for you about him…

Is he cute?? What do YOU feel toward him? Do you think he has future potential to be a “someone” in your life? And I’m not talking about just friends. I’m talking about the ‘real’ thing! If he’s interested, there’s a step up. If you’re comfortable around him, that’s another step up! Of course, you’re right, you’ll have to take it slow and see what this turns into, or not…but…there’s ALWAYS a chance, and that’s the hope that makes us so happy inside and makes us look forward to the future. He definitely sounds like a good candidate, and him being a bit younger doesn’t matter. You said he’s getting his act together – and that’s good. It might involve you, you just never know.

But, the reason why I think this is so great for Mrs. IntrigueMe is because lately she sounds more confident in her writing. She sounds as if she is ready to be excited about love again. The words she’s using is that of a person who has grown to be more independent. She wrapped up her happy boxes a long time ago, and recently she opened them up again because she was ready to do so. She’s left some things behind and has brought along some of the better things with her. Her confidence, independence…so even if this works out or not, she will be complete all on her own.

So, Sarah…keep dreaming, (although I wouldn’t exactly call it “dreaming”) but, I mean…keep hoping and looking forward to everything you are now. Go buy the curtains! Take care of yourself but have fun all the same with TextGuy. :) You deserve it very much. WHO AGREES?!?! Comment on this post if you agree with me and tell me (guest invader!) and IntrigueMe your thoughts about TextGuy. Let’s make this a virtual slumber party!!!


IntrigueMe (Sarah) Says: I owe Brenda an apology, because a long time ago we discussed the possibility of her doing a guest post- and I razzed her a little because she was procrastinating on it- and just today I found a “pending” post that she’d written on February 9th! Sorry Brenda, for not seeing this sooner- and THANK YOU for all of your nice words and comments.

To answer a few of your questions:

Yes, he’s cute. I normally go for tall, dark, and handsome- but his piercing blue eyes are gorgeous. As for how he makes me feel, well, comfortable… I guess. To be honest, it’s been a long time since that weekend with TextGuy (I just realized that I didn’t include him in my Cast) and there really haven’t been any new developments. I think he’s still dating his ex off and on- and he doesn’t make that much effort to stay in touch or see me, so I’m going to assume he’s “just not that into me”… which is okay! We can remain friends- and maybe it will lead to something in the future, and maybe it won’t- but either way, like you said, I’m ready to be in love again, and I’m also cool being by myself if the butterflies don’t come my way anytime soon!

Lately, I’m just… happy!

Thanks again for a great guest post!

A Little Time To Listen

I wish when someone asked you a question, they actually wanted to hear the answer.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when someone says “How are you?” and then doesn’t wait to hear your response, or shrugs it off if they do. If you don’t genuinely want to know how I’m doing, why do you ask?

I think we should all take a little more time to actually LISTEN to the things the people around us are saying.