A Melancholy Weekend, Part I

I apologize in advance if this post is a bit jumbled or tends to ramble on…


Ninety percent of the time, language and culture is not a barrier between my boyfriend and I, but every so often one of us will say something that the other doesn’t understand, and it warrants a few extra questions to bring clarity.

We’re both alright with having to ask those extra questions to make sure we’re on the same page, so this system seems to work well for us most of the time.

This weekend was not really one of those times. For some reason I felt like communication just wasn’t coming easily.

It started on Saturday with us miscommunication about our plans for the evening. I thought he’d said the night before that he wanted to see me but it turned out to be “guys night”. I thought he wasn’t comfortable telling me that he wanted to hang out with the guys, or that perhaps I’d misunderstood our conversation, but as it turns out (I think- I’m still sort of unclear on how things played out) plans were changing on his end as his friends were calling while he was texting me. I ended up getting annoyed and telling him I was staying home and he went out with his friends.

Sidenote: This is still a bit of an issue for me as I felt like he blew me off for his friends. He’s going through some “man stuff” right now as his best friend just got engaged to a girl who never let’s him out of the house alone, so I’m going to be lenient here, just for a few weeks. We did discuss the situation with his friend yesterday, but I think it warrants some more conversation in a couple of weeks once things have settled down.


Yesterday can best be described as rather melancholy. We talked a lot as we drove out to spend Canada Day at the lake but we weren’t there long as it started raining. We ended up spending the rest of the day parked at a city look-out point, waiting for the Canada Day fireworks (which were totally lame for the record). To sum it up: we spent a lot of time in the car talking when we both wanted to be out enjoying the non-existent sunshine. I think we were both a bit disappointed by how the day turned out.

In the morning was when we had the conversation about his best friends situation, and our miscommunication the night before. For the purpose of this post I’m going to refer to his best friend as BFF and his best friends girlfriend fiancé as GF. Is that easy enough for you? lol You see, my boyfriend moved to Canada just a few months ago, shortly before we met. He came here to see his best friend who has been living here for the past six or so years. He came with high expectations of getting to spend quality time visiting and exploring the country with “his brother”. But, when he got here he discovered that BFF’s girlfriend happens to be rather… suffocating. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her. She’s very sweet, she’s just obviously a bit insecure for whatever reason and she has a hard time letting BFF out with his friends, unnattended. This has left my new man feeling rather annoyed and disappointed. I don’t think he realized his friend was in such a serious relationship, and now that they’re recently engaged he’s terrified he’ll not be allowed to see his friend anymore at all.

It’s a tough situation because I can see it from different angles. GF wants to spend time with BFF and be a part of his every day life. That’s part of committment. She also doesn’t want her fiancé getting into trouble hanging out with the single guys, and they come from a culture that is much more strict about the interactions of the sexes. I suspect there’s one friend in particular that makes her nervous, and I understand that because he is very demanding of my new man’s time as well. He’s single and he loves to party, and he has cancer so the guys sympathize with him and allow him to perhaps take up a bit more of their time than they should. Last weekend new man and I got home from meeting my friends, and he told me he’d just finished “banging” some girl who got into his cab.

My new man isn’t one to high five his friend for getting laid, he’s far more respectful of women than that, but he also doesn’t understand why GF is upset when they all hang out because it is their friend who is single, not them. He told me that they go out in a group of guys and if a girl comes to the table to talk to one of them that he will always make sure she goes away. They will not let each other get into trouble or be in compromising situations (he’s far more “hard core” about this than most North American men would be, because in Turkish culture men and women who are not married typically are not supposed to be alone together or talking without their significant others near by.).

I completely trust the new man when he’s out with his friends. I also definitely understand GF’s insecurities about it. I think overall this is a group of guys who are in that transition phase where they’re longing for commitment and families of their own, but they’re also clinging for dear life to their independence.

MY problem with the situation is this: My new man is really freaked out by how clingy GF is. He understands that it’s just her and that I’m all for him having his space (I brought it up yesterday to make sure), but I still think that it impacts how he acts with me sometimes. I feel like I have to walk on egg shells so I don’t do anything that even slightly resembles her actions. Second, this one single friend (we’ll call him Can) is legitimately taking up too much of his free time. He stops by late on weeknights when new man is finished work and keeps him up late (new man will not go to bed if he has company over and he will not ask them to leave). On the weekends Can is constantly calling wanting to make plans… I’m cool with this to a point. If new man tells me he has plans already with his friends or that he wants to spend the day/evening/whatever with his friends… cool. But, if we’re hanging out and it’s the only time I’ve seen him all week then I don’t want to share him with his friends. A couple of weeks ago we were together on a Sunday and Can called to ask if we would meet him and some friends at the lake to kick a soccer ball around. On that particular weekend I didn’t mind because we’d spent lots of time together both alone and with friends… but if that had happened yesterday when I hadn’t seen him in a week, I’d have been miserable. I need to make sure that I’m speaking up and saying “honey, I don’t want to see your friends today”, and I’m sure he would receive that well, but I worry that it will make me look like GF. Yesterday when we were bored we thought about going back to his place, but we knew that Can, BFF, and GF were all there. I told him I wanted alone time with him and he was fine with that… so perhaps I am worried for nothing.


I’ve Been Slipping

I haven’t been very good with my diet lifestyle change over the last few days. It’s unfortunate because I really wanted to go hard the week before my vacation.

I’ve been insanely busy at work. So much to do before I take 11 days off. I haven’t been taking the time to log my calories properly and have therefore been over-eating… eating whatever’s around because I need something quick and on the go while I’m running between my office and the printer.


I’m still walking to work, which is good. I really feel as though that’s a habit that’s going to stick… at least until winter. No idea what I’m going to do then (cross that bridge when I come to it!).

I feel physically healthier. I know I can depend on my body more than I could before. I’m stronger and I don’t have to worry about getting winded as quickly or my legs giving out.

But… there is still room to improve.

I do feel my “focus” slipping over the last week or two. I feel as though life has gotten hectic and I’ve forgotten what my priority is.

Losing weight. Losing inches. Feeling healthier. Looking better. SHOPPING MORE.

I need a reminder.

I need some strong, (FOR FUCK SAKES NO RAINBOWS, I NEED A SHIT KICKING!) encouraging, motivational words!!

I need to know how to manage to stay healthy and on track during vacation… and how to stay on BUDGET (ERIKA!!) because lord knows I’m running out of money and I have to save for Vegas at the end of October! Eeeep!!

Okay friends, don’t fail me now.

Hit me with it!