The signs of demise; unforeseen by my heart and overlooked by my mind. The end of he and I has long since come and gone, and the fragments of my heart have begun to heal.

Slowly, he has slipped from my every day. Only sporadically does he enter my daydreams uninvited. No longer does the mere daylight remind me of our love. Now, I am free to live without his shadow. My days are full of distractions and blissful indifference.

But as I sleep, I am still haunted by his absence.

Match Dot Com

I did something on Saturday, that one of my favourite bloggers has been telling me to do for well over a year…

I joined match.com.

So far, in three days, I’ve had about 21 matches and sent maybe three emails. None have yet to reply (two are still unread), and just ONE person is “interested” in me (and he’s not my type at all).

I paid over $60 for three months so I damn well better get something out of it.

Stay tuned…


(For the record: I have been dating lately but have chosen not to blog about it here for their privacy– more on that later. If you want to read about it, email me your WordPress user ID and I’ll set you up to access my private blog.)