In My Dreams, I get Really Rich and my P.A. Returns My Calls

I’ve been contemplating a couple of things this morning. The first is, why am I so scared to return a guy’s phone call? I met a new guy on Plenty Of Fish. I haven’t been actively using the site lately but I got an email notification that I had mail and after several emails back and forth, he asked me out. I gave him my phone number so we could find a time.

Well, he called yesterday afternoon and I got the message after work and have yet to return it. I always suffer from this anxiety when it comes to calling someone I’ve never met before. I’m going to call him back though, tonight. Right after work T and J are coming over for our Wednesday dinner & swimming night and so I’ll call him while I have a little moral support. I can also use that as an excuse to keep the conversation short, I can say they’re on their way over.

(FYI- Going forward we can refer to him as “Trainer” since he is a personal trainer and “holy friggin’ arms” is too long.)

Here’s a question for you: Trainer is 34, which puts us exactly 10 years apart. Is that too much? My rule has always been that a man must be closer to my age than my father’s, which allows me to date men as old as 37.5 (not that I would, that’s just where the creepy factor gets real creepy for me). How do the rest of you choose your age-range?

The second thing I’ve been contemplating is the lottery. I know, I know. Silly thing to be contemplating, right? Over the last few weeks a co-worker and I have been going in together on lotto tickets, mostly just for fun- and you never know, right? This Friday’s lottery is an estimated $42 Million and so after I bought the ticket at lunch, my co-worker sent me a list of “all the things she is going to do this weekend after striking it rich”. It got me thinking about all the things I would do. I’d invest, pay off my Jeep, build a house, travel, set my parents up in a comfortable but not extravagant life, set up a college fund for my brother, and the list went on…

What would you do if you won the lottery?