My Sister’s Keeper

I just finished watching the movie My Sister’s Keeper. I have never blubbered during a movie like that before- it took me 2 rolls of toilet paper. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie so powerful, I’m absolutely dumbfounded.

I recommend this movie, only if you’re already really depressed and in for a night of crying yourself to sleep.

Oh my. I don’t even know what else to say about it. Nuts.

They Say It’s The Name Of The Game

…and maybe that’s true, but let me tell you- the game fucking sucks, and I’m sick of playing.

I probably shouldn’t be writing this post right now- I’m too fucking furious, but if I don’t get this all out I’ll never sleep. Hell, I probably won’t sleep anyway.

You all know this guy Frisky that I’ve been blogging about. Well it turns out his name should really be lying, cheating, scheming, bastard. I am so fucking baffled right now I think my head’s going to explode. You all heard me blah blahing about how much I enjoyed our conversations, how exactly what I’m looking for he seemed to be, how excited I was about him, so- let me explain to you what happened to change my mind.

We had made plans over a week ago for Friday night. He had been sick all week so I told him if he needed to reschedule, I would understand and he could let me know via email on Friday. He never did. I was pissed off after spending my Friday night waiting around for a stupid guy to call, but my friends convinced me to give him another chance, it was probably a misunderstanding, he thought he was only supposed to email if in fact we were going to get together. (Thanks anyway T- your advice was honorable and I probably would have said the same thing to you.) So I hear from him at 1am Saturday morning (or Friday night depending how you look at it). He hadn’t been feeling well so went home and slept all night. He wanted to get together on Saturday afternoon. He had to work from home for a bit but would call around 2ish, I said to just call whenever he was done his work. He called around 3, came by my place at 4. We watched a movie. There was some mild touching and snuggling but not too much, and when the movie was over I booted him out because I was late for dinner with friends. I thought it had gone okay minus the whole booting him out part, which he said he understood. Today (Sunday) he IM’s me, asks if I’m home and if I’d like some company. I said sure, and he came over. We watched a couple movies, snuggled a bit, and towards the end he started kissing me. So there we are, making out, to which I’m thinking “great!! he’s finally kissing me!” (After all we have been talking for weeks so this was very much anticipated.) Next thing I know he’s moving my hand down to his junk and he’s pulling it out of his pants! I’m thinking, okay… this is a little rushed but let’s just roll with it, it’s not like I’m sleeping with him. So anyway, after a bit of some intense petting on both parts, he *ahem* “gets off”. So we kissed a bit more, snuggled a tad, we’d both been yawning for a while so decided it was time to call it a night. I walked outside with him, he kisses me goodbye, and walks around the corner to his car.

Now for the fun part. I go back inside, I’m tidying up a bit, turning off the lights, getting ready for bed… thinking to myself, “yep, he definitely likes me, he wanted to come over again, he kissed me, good conversation, it went well and I think I’ll hear from him again”. I go to get into bed, I flip open my laptop to click on some music and low and behold I have an email from lying, cheating, scheming, bastard. Here’s what it says:

From: Offline  lying, cheating, scheming, bastard (
Sent: October 18, 2009 11:22:32 PM
Hi S,
I wanted to say I enjoyed myself tonight (or last night depending on when your reading it), however, at the same time, it….just didn’t feel right to me. Since we first met something has been off and im not sure what it is, but because of it, I don’t think we should continue seeing each other. I don’t want to lead you on and than have this happen further down the road when it would hurt you alot more. I just dont really have the relationship vibe with us :( Im sorry, but im sure by doing this it will allow you to move on to the next guy who you might be a better match for, your a great girl S, just…not for me I guess… I wish you the best of luck, I think im going to go back to trying to do this the old fashioned way. Again, good luck…
And here was my really pissed off reply:
RE: Us‏
From: Away Way Too Good For You (
Sent: October 18, 2009 11:40:35 PM
Right. Well, I’m glad you managed to get off before you had to hit send on this email. I guess at least you got something out of it. Glad I could help out.
I’m seriously pissed. He’s lucky that was all I said. No, I’m lucky, because I’m better than that (plus I can blog instead!) and he wouldn’t have cared anyways. So here’s the thing… I get this email and all I can think is, seriously? WTF just happened? He left my house literally minutes before sending this email. He either went straight home and typed it up immediately or he already had it typed and ready to go. Either way, it was way too quick and way too slick to not have been pre-meditated. SO- I call my pal T. Immediately T says, “Nope, there’s no way, that was too scripted, he’s done this before”. So we’re chatting and I start putting together the pieces… Despite our amazing conversations, when he asked me out and I mentioned watching the hockey game, he said he would come to my place and watch it. Come to my place. Who goes to a girl’s house on the first date? I was thinking more of a pub or something. He seemed to have a thing about bringing over a movie, didn’t seem to want to go OUT. Second thing I realized- he was wearing a ring on his ring finger. I  noticed it yesterday and didn’t think much of it. Tonight, I asked- he said it was his Grandfathers, passed down to his father, and then to him last year when his father passed. I took this at face value as I knew his Dads passing was still pretty fresh, plus he showed me that it was the only finger the ring fit onto- which I didn’t question as I also wear rings on that finger for the same reason. Next, both yesterday and today, he parked around the corner instead of in the ample street parking right in front of my building. I asked him why he did that when I walked him out and he said he avoided parking on the main streets because of accidents. Okay, sure, makes sense.  Well- maybe he thought I was asking too many questions. Maybe he had just gotten all he wanted. T seems to think he’s married.
*Edit: I didn’t post this last night as I knew I’d need to edit at least some of the curse words, but my go-to-guru at work thinks he’s married too. Hmm…
Either way, he’s a lying, cheating, scheming, bastard and like T says, I think this was something he had decided to do long before we ever met. I think he had an agenda- he fulfilled it, and he took off. Perhaps I let it go too far physically and that’s why he didn’t think I was relationship material. I guess I’ll never know. One thing I’m fairly certain of though, this is karma for telling Mr. McClingy that I didn’t want to date him. Yep, this is my punishment.
On another note, the Italian Stallion I broke up with a couple months ago IM’d me earlier today. I wasn’t around to respond so who knows what he wanted.
Bloody hell, I’m so sick of dating.