It’s About Living… A Legendary Life

I’m inspired by those little moments in life that make you smile so hard your cheeks hurt. Those moments where you stop and think…. “Is this really my life? Is this really happening right now?”

Moments like…

February 28th, 2010. It was 11:00 am on the Friday before the Gold Medal hockey game and I was sitting in my office strongly regretting my decision not to go to Vancouver to watch Team Canada play. I was emailing back and forth with my friend CH about how great it would have been just to be there with her in the city for that final game, when suddenly it hit me.

It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I had to do it. 

By 3:00 that afternoon I’d packed my clothes, gassed up, checked the tires on my Jeep, and was on the highway about to embark, alone for the first time, on an icy, eleven hour drive to Vancouver. I said a lot of prayers during those eleven hours. I prayed that I could see well enough through my windshield in the dark, I prayed that the icy roads wouldn’t leave me in the ditch, I prayed that the blizzard at the top of the last mountain pass wouldn’t hold me back. But mostly, I prayed that Team Canada would win the game they were playing against Slovakia while I was driving, so that my whole trip wouldn’t be for nothing.

They won the game against Slovakia that night. I made it to Vancouver in the wee hours of the morning. And on Sunday, February 28th, 2010, surrounded by people wearing red and white with maple leafs tattooed to their cheeks, I watched Sidney Crosby score the overtime goal that bought Canada the Olympic gold medal in men’s hockey, and as all of the people screamed and jumped out of their chairs, fist-pumping the sky, I felt inspired. More inspired than I had ever felt before.

I knew in that moment that it wasn’t just about the hockey, it was about pride, and about living, and I was doing it.


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Following the Music Trend

[Cue music: “If I Had a Million Dollars” -Barenaked Ladies]

I just made an appointment for June to get some work done on my Jeep. Its been doing this fun “pulley” thing when I’m travelling at highway speeds (ie. I lose control of the steering for a brief second) and I’ve been told it’s probably the ball joints. Apparently those are important, so they say (*sigh*). Worst case scenario, it could cost me $1000 to replace all 4 ball joints or $800 to replace something called a “power steering rack” whatever that is. God help me if they have to replace both, you may as well just cut the heart out of my chest because it will stop beating anyway (hopefully before I pay the bill and not after). The good news is that I managed to fit it into my budget in such a way that so long as the whole car doesn’t go to shit in the meantime, I can afford to get it fixed without it leaving me broke all summer (*knock on wood*). Though, it’s probably used up most of my wiggle room so a more extravagant vacation is likely out of the question (bugger). If I could sell my car I would, but unfortunately its depreciated so much that I owe a significant amount more than it’s worth (double bugger). One thing this has taught me is that if my brother decides to forgo his plans to become a mechanic, I’m going to have to marry one instead…