Opening Up The “Happy Boxes”

A couple days ago I wrote a letter to my ex-fiance, and I posted it on my blog. It’s password protected, because of course it’s extremely personal and it’s not something I’ve ever intended for him to actually see should he ever stumble across these pages. Something I said in this post got me thinking even more. I mentioned that for a long time I had our happy memories boxed up and I was scared to open them, I wasn’t strong enough or brave enough. I realize that after a break-up we all find it easier to focus on the negative in order to move on, and we rarely spend our time replaying the better memories which obviously kept us with our ex-significant others. Even in our blogs, we usually avoid writing about the positive, so I have a request to make of you…

I’d like to hear some of the memories from your “Happy Boxes”. Be they memories from recent ex’s or ones from long ago doesn’t matter, and in return I will give you some of mine.

Happy Box Memory #1: R and I had stopped for lunch at an A&W on our way to Sylvan Lake one summer and he informed me that he had a stolen collection of A&W mugs at home (really who doesn’t know someone who’s stolen an A&W mug???). I’ve always had a hard time living on “the edge” and in an effort to prove to myself that I could be rebellious- I shoved my mug into my purse and walked out, proudly presenting it to him in the car. It was so silly but it took courage people- IT TOOK COURAGE!!

Happy Box Memory #2: This one is particularly memorable because it happened during the “end” of our relationship when we were really not getting along. D was doing some work outside for his parents neighbor and he needed something grungy to wear so he searched his Dad’s coat closet for some work clothes. All he came up with was a pair of overalls that were about a foot too short and hugged his crotch so bad he had a camel toe, not to mention he looked like Farmer Joe. When I walked into the room and saw him he had a huge geek smile on his face and we both burst out laughing. We laughed until we cried, then we hugged & kissed, and cried some more.

Happy Box Memory #3: My first love lived out-of-town and so we usually communicated via MSN or telephone. He’d randomly told me once on the phone that he wasn’t ready to say “I love you”. Looking back now I think he was testing my reaction to the subject because for a few weeks during our phone conversations he would say things like “of course I’d let you drive my car, you know I love you!” and I just figured that was his way of taking baby steps towards the big moment. Shortly afterwards he told me on MSN that he was upset that he was always saying he loved me and I never said it back. I told him I thought HE didn’t want to say it and that was why I hadn’t said it to him. He said “I’ve been saying it for weeks!”. Realization of what was actually going on came over me. I said “brb”, ran downstairs to my bedroom, dialed his number, and when he picked up I just blurted it out “I LOVE YOU!!!”. Well holy smokes. Being the excitable comedian that he was he started hooting and hollering into the phone. “Yahoo!!” he yelled and I could picture him punching his fists into the air. Then… he said it back, and it was the best “I love you” I’ve heard yet.


Vitamin “Happy”

There’s something to be said about all that vitamin D at Fabutan. I don’t care what anyone says about tanning causing skin cancer- at least I’ll be happy while I’m here!

I have a bad habit of getting down in the winter. I never used to realize why though, and there’s something to be said about recognition. Luckily I live in a part of the country that is usually sunny, even in winter… but even so, our days are shorter and I see less of daylight. I also miss the smells of spring and summer when they aren’t around. Something about spring uplifts me. You might even say it’s my favorite season.

So far our weather is pretty mild, but soon- the snow will hit, and the -40 will hit. This year I’m going to make an effort to change my cycle. I’m going to go tanning which always puts me in a happy mood, and I’m going to try to get out of the office at lunch time and catch some daylight. I’ve also got to keep up with my excercise routine. Excercise causes endorphins. endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. (A little “Legally Blonde” reference if you didn’t know.)