Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

I went out with some girlfriends last night, on a pub crawl (my first pub crawl). I justified the expense and all that booze by reminding myself it was a fundraiser for breast cancer… but it was still expensive and I still drank far too much. Today, I don’t want to do anything. I’m not feeling hungover really, I’m just tired (out late, up early) and this is the first day I’ve had without an obligation of some sort so it is so nice to just stay home. As much as I’d love to do nothing though, the housework needs to get done (at least I did the laundry yesterday!) and I need to go grocery shopping, which means I have to leave the house at some point (albeit I’ll be doing it in my comfy clothes!).

Since I got back from vacation, I’ve been pretty slack. I haven’t been eating well, mostly because I’ve not been home much, and I’ve hardly worked out. I’ve also been spending a tonne of cash, with Mother’s Day, my mom’s birthday, catching up with friends, my cousin moving to town, and then yesterday getting my hair done, doing a bit of shopping, and going out for this fundraiser. May is always an expensive month in my family. I have my Dad’s birthday coming up as well, and I’ve promised to go home for the long weekend to visit with him and to go through my Grandma’s stuff with my Grandpa and let him know what I want.

Even with those things upcoming, I seriously need to get it together this week… the weather has been nice (finally!) so I’m going to get back into my summer routine of walking to and from work. It’s also time to cut back on eating out and spending, and lastly… no more alcohol. I’ve been trying to limit my alcohol the last few weeks but more so than calories it’s all the water I retain after drinking that makes me feel like hell. So, no more of that for at least a few weeks.

Time for a re-adjustment, time to get it together.

Keep On, Keepin’ On

Well friends. Today I got to work and was feeling a serious case of the Monday’s… but I sucked it up, and went to it, and actually got a heck of a lot crossed off of my task list.

This evening, I wanted to come home and make a sandwich and be lazy in front of the TV. Instead, I came home, made my sandwich, and lugged my ass to the swimming pool. Tonight’s class was particularly uninspiring (the instructor on Monday’s is kind of boring) but I stuck it all the way through all the while rolling my eyes and wishing I was somewhere else. Point was: I wasn’t. I was there, plugging away.

You know, it’s pretty funny thinking about how stupid I must look in the pool doing water aerobics. It’s even funnier when you look at the person next to you and notice how stupid they look doing water aerobics. I don’t mean that in a cruel way (remember my last post? I’m the last person who should be cruel), but it is rather awkward looking and quite comical. I think most of us get a kick out of it.

As for weight loss… I weighed in on Saturday morning 5.2lbs lower than my starting weight, and I’ve been bouncing around that number since. I’ve been weighing myself every morning just to notice any patterns and what-not, but I’m doing my official weigh-in on Friday’s… so I’ll know in a few days what my official weight loss is to date. Saturday was a bit of a bad day as I tend to struggle on the weekends with less structure and staying up later (so I get hungry again a few hours after dinner), but Sunday was better and today was good too. I think I should have good results this week.

And… I only have four days of work left before I’m on vacation!!

Does anyone have any low-calorie alcoholic beverage recipes they want to share? I’m determined to allow myself a few drinks on vacation while still maintaining my weight… which means I’ll be eating a lot of salads (bleh) unless I can think of some somewhat healthy drinks. (I know wine is my best bet but I don’t want to drink just wine.)

Vitamin “Happy”

There’s something to be said about all that vitamin D at Fabutan. I don’t care what anyone says about tanning causing skin cancer- at least I’ll be happy while I’m here!

I have a bad habit of getting down in the winter. I never used to realize why though, and there’s something to be said about recognition. Luckily I live in a part of the country that is usually sunny, even in winter… but even so, our days are shorter and I see less of daylight. I also miss the smells of spring and summer when they aren’t around. Something about spring uplifts me. You might even say it’s my favorite season.

So far our weather is pretty mild, but soon- the snow will hit, and the -40 will hit. This year I’m going to make an effort to change my cycle. I’m going to go tanning which always puts me in a happy mood, and I’m going to try to get out of the office at lunch time and catch some daylight. I’ve also got to keep up with my excercise routine. Excercise causes endorphins. endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. (A little “Legally Blonde” reference if you didn’t know.)