I finally got around to putting up some of my new artwork and getting some of the clutter out of my bedroom. Actually, for once my brother was a big help. He owed me a favour (I towed his busted truck home in the middle of the night a few weeks ago) so I had him come over and haul away my old dinette set and a bunch of other excess furniture, as well as a bunch of old clothes and stuff to be put in storage at my Moms. I can actually walk through my bedroom again, and it feels great!!

Anyway- thought I’d share some of the photos… the lighting isn’t super great and the image quality is piss-poor because I took them with my cell (since I was too lazy to actually upload photos from my camera), and my walls are yellow (I HATE YELLOW WALLS!) but I rent so I’m not going to spend a lot of time or put in a lot of effort to paint. I really can’t wait until I buy a place of my own so that it is worth doing stuff like that.

The desk is actually quite old and something that’s been passed around my family as needed for a while. It used to be brown and ugly so I sanded it down and freshened it up with a few coats of white paint. I actually sold my nearly brand new bedside tables from Ikea (I hated them) and sanded and painted my Mom’s old ones to match the desk. I’ve only done one so far though, so no pics of those or my new crystal bedside lamps, yet. I’m also holding out until I buy some new bedding, which will make it all come together. The crystal lamp on the desk is new though, as is the crystal stemmed mirror… and all of the artwork is new. Oh, and the smaller jewelry box on the desk is not very clear in the photo but it’s got kind of a retro couture thing going on… it’s reflective in the front and has photos of Marilyn Monroe on the top. The last thing that’s new in the photos is the desk chair. I’m not even going to tell you how much it cost me (it makes me a little sad- even though the discount price I got it for was a steal compared to the original price). I got everything at Home Sense- it’s my favourite store and shopping there has turned into a bit of an obsession lately. Oops? Oh well, I am a girl after all!

Oh, and don’t look too closely at the artwork… pretty sure they’re all crooked! Haha! (I am the least handiest person ever!)

My floor is so clean, TextGuy could have licked it!

Well, the weekend is over and that’s a disappointment, but good things never last forever. I took a break from blogging and having a social life to spend my 2 days off scrubbing my condo top to bottom. It sparkles now but the true test will be seeing how long that can last. I finally bought that new furniture I’ve been contemplating. My new couch and coffee table look great in my living room and I’m really excited to go shopping for some curtains. Four months after moving in I’ve almost made this place a home. It’s nice to feel cozy and safe, especially in a ground floor condo in an inner city neighborhood- the baseball bat in my closet helps a little too.

I say that I left my social life behind this weekend but that’s not entirely true. Friday night I got a text from my friend (let’s call him TextGuy), wondering what I was up to. TextGuy and I met on Plenty Of Fish (I estimate) over a year ago, and after months of texting, instant messaging and chatting we finally met up a few months ago. I had always assumed our relationship was pretty much just platonic since we never really flirted and we were both dating people off and on… but recently something seems to have changed. TextGuy’s started sending some flirty messages and on Friday he asked if I wanted to hang out. I didn’t feel like leaving the house so I invited him over to watch TV for a few hours. It was cool- I’m comfortable with him and we seem to enjoy each other’s company. He was laying the flirt on pretty thick and got a little snuggly. I wasn’t opposed to it, I just felt… confused? Suddenly someone I’ve always viewed as a friend I was viewing as a little more than a friend and that scares me. He messaged me again on Saturday night and again this afternoon from work, just to say hi. Usually we go days or even sometimes weeks without talking. The bad news is that he’s younger than me- by a year and a half, which not only puts him in his early 20’s but would also make him the youngest guy I’ve ever dated. The good news is that he seems to be really getting his shit together, especially lately. He graduated University last year and has since started a new Engineering job, and moved into a new condo by himself. I guess I’m just going to sit back and see what happens next. Probably nothing, but you never know.

Sunday I went and saw the movie “Dear John” with my girlfriend T. It was… okay. I was a little bit uncertain about the ending. Has anyone out there read the book? I have a feeling they left a lot of detail out of the movie.

So over the next couple weeks my goal is to not let myself get too stressed out. I’m going to be doing 2 jobs at work for at least the rest of this week, probably longer… while a co-worker focuses his attentions on some testing for an upgraded application we’re getting soon. I also really want to get moving on the course I’m taking and get it over with as fast as possible, not to mention I’ve totally been neglecting my blogging and am feeling really out of the bloop lately (that’s Brangelina for “blog loop”). I’m starting to get my groove back though, so I should be back to it in no time. Now if only life would toss me something worth blogging about.

In the meantime, I’ve  been working on snagging a couple guest posts but my courageous donors have slacked off (yes that means you!).