I’m Not Perfect, but I Always Bend


I don’t always have an easy personality. Sure, I’m fluent in social settings and I have a lot of friends, but when it comes down to it, I’m not always the most even-tempered person to deal with. Sometimes I can be a bit moody and I’m almost always impatient. I stick my foot in my mouth way more often than I care to admit, and when I don’t get the same directness back from others, I get really frustrated… Continue reading

The Love List #3: Compatible Social Lifestyles


All in all, this one is important because our lives need to mesh well together. If we don’t enjoy some of the same things, the same kinds of people, or have the same needs in regards to time spent together and apart, then a long-term relationship simply wouldn’t work for me. Continue reading

The Love List #10: He’d Make A Good Room-Mate


Every so often in life, I take a few moments to think back on what I’ve learned, and re-evaluate my life. One of the things I’ve constantly been re-evaluating is my Love List, 10 things I won’t compromise on when it comes to finding the man of my dreams. Everyone’s love list is bound to be different. We all want different things out of life, our relationships, and out of our partners.

#10… There’s nothing worse than a bad room-mate, and when you think about it… your spouse is just a room-mate you happen to sleep with. Continue reading