I so want to be a drag queen version of you and flirt with you all at the same time


I’m forced by my aching sides to follow-up on Jolene’s last post, in regards to ridiculous emails she’s received on match.com . I shall now dive into the realm of my Plenty of Fish inbox so I can share with you … Continue reading

It’s In His Kiss


I started thinking about this last night but I was too tired to blog about it, so I called up my girlfriend T, instead. “I think I’ve become a bad kisser!” I said. She laughed one of those “what are you TALKING about” kind of laughs- and I explained.

If you had asked me a couple years ago if I was a good kisser- I would have without a doubt said yes, but the last few guys I’ve kissed- it just hasn’t been that great.  The first couple times I thought our kisses just didn’t mesh very well together but after my lame make out session on Saturday, I started to wonder if it was ME! Somewhere during my last long-term relationship with a mediocre kisser, I’ve forgotten how to kiss!

Thankfully, T assured me that I am probably NOT a bad kisser. She confirmed what I had been thinking before Saturday which was that everyone kisses differently and sometimes it just doesn’t go very smooth- it doesn’t necessarily mean that either of you are a bad kisser. Okay. Great. I can accept that. But that leads me to another question then…

Is it in his kiss?

Come on now, you know the Cher song… you know the old sayings… so is it true? Do you know when you’ve met “The One” when your kisses are perfect? I’ve had a lot of beautiful kisses in my time but I can’t say any have ever caused me to see stars, there’s never been any fireworks in the background. So is that what I’m waiting for? Will I know it’s him when our kisses cause earthquakes?