Who Knew Life Could be So Good in October?

*Written yesterday on my last day of vacation.*

It’s pathetic that the worst part of my trip has been having to maintain an uncomfortable “head back” position while trying to keep my tan even on my neck.

There certainly isn’t anything wrong with sitting poolside in the hot sun waiting for my Pleasure Punch to arrive. Who could complain about this? Back home my mother tow me it’s a measly ten degrees Celsius and windy as all hell, so this seems the perfect way to spend my last day in Las Vegas.

My bloggers are gone, TBH had an early flight and Inris is off playing in a poker tournament, but oh– my drink has just arrived chalk full of vodka so it all balances out.

This trip has been the definition of perfect. My first trip to Vegas was with a bunch of immature whores and left something to be desired, but this trip was amazing. I’m going to fly home tonight feeling refreshed and relaxed, having seen things I’ve never seen before and been places I’ve never been, with the most amazing company.

We’ve seen the Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas sign, the wax museum, the Bellagio fountains. We saw the landscape from the window of a limousine as we sipped mimosas. We gambled– I lost, but they won! We talked about our blogs, and you, and about the loves in our lives. We set ourselves deadlines for milestones and, while I shall say no more about that, it is necessary and is nice to have friends to confide in. We toured the strip, I was saved from a snake, and we had our fortunes told by a fraudulent psychic. We ordered in, we ate out, we had expensive drinks and cheap white wine. We saw Nathan Burton’s comedy magic show, we toasted Ben Affleck, and we made a brief friendship in the elevator. We had the same man mistakenly knock on our door three times in a row, and we stayed in the biggest most incredible suite I’ve ever been in. We had a great view from the fiftieth floor, and a TV in the bathroom.

There are worse ways to spend October.

Why Vacation Was a Bust

My vacation started off fantastic. I picked up This Broken Heart Has Hope at the airport and the next day, along with my friend Wayne, we jetted off (aka drove) to British Columbia’s lake country.

The sun was shining, the company and conversation was fantastic (as was the music!), and we had three days sitting lakeside ahead of us.

When we found our campground and got set up, we didn’t waste any time before mixing up the sangria. (Remember, I had barely drank anything for weeks prior!)

The first day, the lake was fantastic. We read, we talked, we swam, we drank, we ate fresh Shuswap fruit, and the highlight: we had a visit from Msbrookie. It was relatively short as she was on her way home from her own family holiday, but it was the perfect change for me to catch up, and for TBH to meet, a fellow blogger.

That day of vacation was the best day. It was perfect.

The next day the clouds rolled in and with it came a light rain. It made the lake and the mountains look serene, but it was cool and sitting by the water wasn’t quite the same, so we decided to head home the next day, one day early.

The trip home was actually quite nice. Well, for me anyway. I was driving so I was spared from being stuffed into the back seat with all of our luggage. We stopped at two wineries on the way home and stocked up on wine (I bought two bottles of white, what’s up with that?!) and fresh fruit which I sliced up and froze when I got home (I’m so smaht).

The next day was when things broke for me. TBH and I had a day to ourselves to do whatever, but I couldn’t think of anything to do! I don’t live in an overly vibrant city and I now realize why none of my Vancouver friends ever come to visit me! We spent our day perusing a book store and having lunch with LS, one of my BFF’s, who’d wanted to meet TBH. It was a nice day, but I felt it left something to be desired, and I felt guilty I couldn’t think of anything more entertaining to do before TBH left.

The next morning, I awoke with a swollen throat, the beginning of what was to turn into a nasty cold which would last the remainder of my vacation. I dropped TBH off at the airport, and continued on to the ‘burbs to get a pedicure with LS and begin my six day stint babysitting her kids.

…and that was how I spend the rest of my vacation. Sick, unable to breath and constantly blowing my nose, whilst chasing after an energetic puppy and three-thankfully-well behaved children.

Needless to say, I am glad to be back home now. Back to my bed and my routine, and back to eating healthy. I didn’t eat very well while camping (FAIL!), it was like all of my plans completely abandoned me when vacation started… and I didn’t eat much other than granola bars and popsicles while I was sick.

But, there is one good thing to come from it. I lost weight! It was less than one pound (.6 lbs to be exact!) but it was enough to put me under my first mini-goal, a number I’ve been striving to see for weeks now.

Honestly, I’m just glad I didn’t GAIN weight on vacation!

And so… while my vacation was a whole was a bit of a bust, it started off with a bang and many highlights followed it up…

…the best of blogger friends, fine wine, fresh fruit, cold sangria, a pedicure, time with children I adore, and checking off a mini weight loss goal.