Our New Home

It’s been so long since I blogged that I almost didn’t know how. WordPress sure has changed a lot since I was here last.

My last post was about accomplishments, and I have done so much more since then. I finished my second certificate for work, I finally scheduled my first interview with the adoption worker (December 2nd!), I closed my Dad’s estate and I bought a house and moved!

The sale of my dad’s house, the estate closure, and the purchase of my new home all went very smooth and extremely quickly. It seemed as though the further I got, the more things sped up. Of course, as soon as I put in an offer on the new property was when the adoption worker called. I’ve had this feeling for months that everything was going to drag on and then *slam!* all happen at the same time, and I was right. It was okay, though. The adoption worker wanted to meet in my new house so we agreed to schedule the meeting for December so I could be settled in. Ultimately I was okay with that, I’m in no rush, I’m just glad it’s started now.

I wrote the final exam for my last course this evening (I finished about an hour ago). This is the longest it’s taken me to get through one of my courses and I definitely procrastinated. The official end date is tomorrow but usually I’m finished with a couple of weeks to spare. I didn’t think finishing my second certificate was going to feel as good as it does, but as soon as I submitted the exam and saw my grade (a pass! lol) I was so proud — and relieved! I’ve completed my career goals for the year, and now I’m ready to focus my attention elsewhere.

Jumping back to the new house – and of course you probably know all of this already if you’re following me on Twitter – the move went super smooth, I’ve been in the house for a week and a half now and it’s mostly unpacked. It’s messy at the moment, I still have to find places for all the little stuff, but it feels like home.

My mom has been absolutely amazing and supportive lately. She’s been here nearly every day until this weekend, helping me out. So far we’ve replaced a thermostat, installed new smoke/CO2 detectors, a gate in the yard for the dogs, arranged the furniture, put up the Christmas tree (I really wanted to pack the excess Christmas stuff into the storage room), hang pictures, install a spa shower head with body jets into the main bathroom (OMG it’s amazing), and a million other things. I’ve also been shopping up a storm. I bought new furniture for the upstairs living room and put all of my old stuff into the family room downstairs. I bought a new king size Tempur-Pedic bed (if you’ve never slept on one, you really need to), beds for the kids rooms, two new vacuums including an iRobot Roomba (seriously probably my favourite purchase so far. I mean really, I’m blogging and vacuuming at the same time – can it get any better?), a bunch of small appliances for the kitchen, a new stove and dishwasher, linens for the kids rooms and for the second bathroom, and… now I’m broke again! Settling into a new house has definitely been expensive since I am furnishing twice the space, but it’s so worth it. I’ve budgeted a little over half of the expenses so my credit card will have to carry the rest for a while, but I’ve got a plan. I feel very in control of this new life of mine.

I still need to replace some ugly light fixtures, paint the kitchen cabinets, and maybe do some painting around the house, but everything left is just cosmetic. This is the fun stuff. I can’t wait to welcome a couple of little ones into my life, and our new home.

(Oh, and the dogs are settling in just fine. They are in love with their new big back yard!)

Here’s a few pictures of my new house. Most of these are pics of the ugly stuff that I want to replace. I haven’t taken photos of the nice rooms yet, as I want them to be unpacked and organized first. Now you will think I live in a dump.


I’m in love with this new chair and coffee table. I can’t wait until the new couch arrives at the end of the year!


I’ve already torn down this arch thing. It’s not my style. My spring project is going to be this amazing patio area.


This is the upstairs living room. Yes, the floors are parkay. I hear they’re coming back into style – lol (Okay so it’s not my favourite feature of the house, but I’ll deal.)


I’m going to paint this entire railing white. There’s too much wood in this old house.


The kitchen cabinets are decent enough. A few coats of white paint should freshen them up nicely. This is a project for another day, though.


I have two of these hideous ceiling fans, one in the dinning room and one in the bedroom. They’ll both need to be replaced at some point with something less… brass.


These counter tops are my arch nemesis. They exactly match an old couch my aunt had in the 80’s. They’ll go at the same time I paint the cabinets.


The main bathroom upstairs is a really good size, but needs a couple updates. This light, a new medicine cabinet, and a new vanity are on the list.




Yay! Another picture of my new chair and coffee table! #love


This mirror will go in the living room above the new couch when it arrives. Currently the couch is back ordered until the end of the year, and the mirror is in the back of my Jeep.


A couple new pieces and a couple old… some living room decor.


Mom installed this new shower-head for me. It attaches right to your existing plumbing, and the main bar is held in place with double-sided tape. The jets are awesome, as is the removable rain shower head.

IntrigueMe Goes… Mommy?

For the first time in two years, I have a plan.

Having a plan used to keep me going. Achieving my goals gave me something to look forward to, and the plan helped me to stay motivated along the way. 

Career Momma

There’s something great about reaching a milestone along a journey, and knowing that you’re that much closer to reaching your end goal. It’s like leaving the office with even half of the items crossed off of your daily to-do list, just on a grander scale.
Turning the page and writing my next-day to-do list is the best part of my workday, it makes me feel good knowing that I have a plan for tomorrow… because when you have a plan, you can reach your goals.

It’s going to be a long, hard road, but I’m so there.