Truths about The Italian

Truths about The Italian:

1. I used to think he was a vampire.

2. He’s obsessed with making money and he’s also extremely frugal… and I mean extremely to the point of irritation (mine). He works 7 days a week just for the cash.

3. His accent is strong and I can’t understand half of what he says. This is probably why I like him, I only ever have to smile and nod.

4. He’s extremely critical of people, often arrogant, and sometimes flat out rude. He can also surprise me by being incredibly sweet. To be honest, I like that he can take my shit.

5. He’s even sexier than he used to be. This morning at breakfast (he finally took me on a “real date”-his idea-and he even paid) his arms and chest were nearly busting out of his shirt.

6. He’s funny! Usually it’s sarcasm or something awful he’s done to someone… but he makes me laugh regardless. I live in an area called “Huntington” and this morning he called it “Hung Ting Tang” because he didn’t recognize “Huntington” as being an english word. Maybe you had to be there.

7. He smells so good. He has a cologne “dealer”. WTF is a cologne dealer?

8. You probably wouldn’t like him.

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6 thoughts on “Truths about The Italian

    • Seriously. We’re driving to breakfast an he rolls down the window and waves at some guy. I asked who it was and he says “my dealer” and starts to laugh at my horrified face… Then he says “cologne dealer. He can get me anything for really cheap”.

  1. a cologne dealer?! LOL. he sounds a little rough around the edges, but like you said, you like that he can put up with your shit too ;-) So it sounds like a good match my friend!

  2. #4 is the reason you shouldn’ t fall for him…. warning sign that he’s not consistent. Keep your heart a little detached from this one if you can. And read “Are you the one for me” by Barbara DeAngelis for warning signs in character and relationship behavior to evaluate him more fully. It’s okay to enjoy him, just keep your eyes and your options open. :)

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