Shuswap Bliss: Wineries, Lakes, and a Little Bit of Soul Searching

This little four day extended long-weekend that I planned, has been amazing. The perfect blend of all the things I need right now. My cousin and her husband are great to travel with and I am so grateful that in the (somewhat resented) absence of my own boyfriend, I don’t feel like a third wheel.

Last year when TBHHH came to visit it rained nearly the entire time we were in lake country, but this year the sun is shining, the boats are out, the wineries are open, and the ice cream is in full supply.

It’s been an amazing couple of days. I feel like I’ve gotten a bit of R&R, and done my best to keep my mind busy and off of the current man situation. That’s been a refreshing change.

It’s hard to have blind faith in something (or someone), because it opens me up to a world of vulnerabilities, but I simply can not believe that the best relationship I’ve ever been in has come to an end, without cause or explanation. And so I have no choice but to have faith that in time, he will come around… and if Ramadan ends and his visa extension is approved and I still don’t hear from him, then I suppose at that time I’ll have to face the realities of the situation and make a decision to move on. But until then, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

…and so I’ve spent my mini-vacation with faith in my heart and an accumulating box of wine in the car. I figure at the end of this, one or both of them will be what pulls me through.

In the meantime, one last day at the beach is in order before the long drive home.

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6 thoughts on “Shuswap Bliss: Wineries, Lakes, and a Little Bit of Soul Searching

  1. That sounds amazing. It is crazy what wine and a get away can do:) And it is tough to have faith in some of these situations but just letting things happen as they are suppose to is sometimes best.

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