Recognition: Better Later Than Never

I was walking on the treadmill tonight while watching TV… I had PVR’d My Girl and it was at that heart-wrenching part where Thomas J. passes away.

Something about that part of the movie triggered a recent memory in my brain.

I can’t believe that I didn’t recognize the thoughtfulness in this immediately, and that it’s taken three days for me to clue in to how special it was.

On Sunday morning I was laying in bed with my boyfriend, discussing what we were going to do for the day. I told him that my friend who’s visiting from Florida wanted to get together to meet him after she had Father’s Day brunch with her Dad.

…and he ever so gently, out of nowhere (no really, we haven’t even talked about the fact that my Dad is dead yet- I’ve been doing good at avoiding the subject) asks me, “do you want to go and visit your Dad today?”.

Of course, oblivious me pipes up with “What do you mean? He’s dead.” to which he replied “I know that, I meant the cemetery”.



Of course I had to explain that we had my father cremated and we’ve yet to spread/bury his ashes so there really isn’t any place to visit just yet, but that it didn’t matter because I feel like he’s with me everywhere. I told him that it sounds silly but that I talk to him all of the time and sometimes I even ask him for a little privacy (if you know what I mean).

Well… that thought had my boyfriend squirming right under the covers, staring up at the ceiling apologizing to the ghost of my father profusely for violating his daughter right in front of him. It was quite hysterical actually… and somewhere in the midst of our laughter, I failed to realize the significance of what he’d asked me.

His intuition is remarkable.

I’ve made small comments about my Dad here and there to let on that he’s passed (I haven’t figured out yet how to bring this up with the men I date), but I’ve never come directly out and said “my Dad died last November” until he overheard me respond to his friend a few days ago when she asked if my Dad lived with me.

I’ve never mentioned that I’m hurting, I’ve never told him that it’s hard managing his estate, I’ve never let on how much I’m missing him (well perhaps I did unknowingly)… but he picked up on all of that, and he asked me one simple little question that had a world of significance, “do you want to go and visit your Dad today?”.


I decided after my workout that he deserved to be thanked, and so I phoned him and I did just that. I was nervous about bringing it up, and nervous about being so sentimental, but I took a deep breath and I thanked him for being so thoughtful and sweet… and when he told me it was no big deal, I told him that it was to me.

He says we can go see Dad anytime. We don’t need an occasion. :)

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12 thoughts on “Recognition: Better Later Than Never

  1. Well hell now I have tears in my eyes. He is so thoughtful and sweet. So nice to not push you on the subject but at the same time letting you know he is there. I heart this man!

    • Haha I can’t believe I managed to overlook this at first. It literally just hot me last night and I was like… Whoa, he did that didn’t he? Fuck he’s amazing. And hot. Don’t you think he’s hot?! LOL

  2. Oh my God, I too have some tears and chills, at the same time. WHAT a guy. So simply asked, and my reaction would be the same as yours, knee jerk, not realizing WHAT he was asking. You have met quite a man, my friend. So happy for you and so glad you told him how you felt that he said that. XO

  3. The last line is so touching. The Man said something similar on Mother’s Day, asking me if I wanted to do something special with him to remember my mom. It’s the little thoughtful things that mean so much. xoxo

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