It’s the Little Unnecessary Things That Make You Fall

I’m learning to love those simple, quiet moments when we’re just rolling around on the floor, snuggling, and talking.

Because of our schedules, I’ve only seen him for a couple of hours in the last two weeks and it was amongst friends, so we hadn’t had much time to talk in person.

Yesterday made up for it completely… I felt as though we took another step forward in our relationship. A big step.

We talked about some pretty significant things. One of many things was the fact that I’ve been engaged before. It’s a big deal for me to share that with someone, and I’m glad I chose to share it with him now.

…but it was actually a few hours after I’d left his house to meet my friends, when the best part of the night happened.

I met three of my friends for beer and wings at a pub just a few blocks from my new man’s house. He didn’t join me as he had company coming over, but he walked me to my car, kissed me goodbye, and I was on my way.

When I left the bar a few hours later, I dug through my purse but couldn’t find my car key… and even stranger, but luckily, my car door was unlocked. I searched everywhere but came up empty handed. I don’t need a key to start my (new!) car as long as the door is unlocked, so I texted my new man and asked him to double check his house for it, just in case I had dropped it there.

I expected him to simply text me back and say “sorry, it’s not here”, but instead my phone rang and on the other end was a very concerned boyfriend. He asked me where I was, if I was okay, and if I could still get home. I told him I was alright and we said goodnight… and I took to Twitter to gush about how amazing it was to have a man so caring and concerned over my well being.

I’m pretty sure only sixty seconds had passed, I hadn’t even hit publish on my tweet yet, and all of a sudden he was standing beside my car, opening the door to lean in for a kiss and ask if I was alright.

*Cue pounding heart here.*

I wasn’t panicked when I spoke to him, I don’t think I sounded worried or upset, and I was clear that I was still able to start my car and drive home, but still he worried about me and actually ran from his house to the pub just to make sure that I was alright.

It was in the exact moment that I looked up from my phone and saw him through my window that my heart completely melted.

Is it possible that I’ve managed to find someone that caring, that thoughtful, that amazing?

It wasn’t a grandiose gesture, but it didn’t need to be.

It’s the small things that he does to show he cares that cause my heart to flutter.

It’s when he holds a door open, walks me to my car at night, and gazes into my eyes before he kisses me.

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