Am I Going to Write About My New Man?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve heard me gushing over the new man in my life, but I have been avoiding writing about him in detail and I’ve had a lot of people ask me when I will.

Mostly I haven’t written about him because I don’t want to jinx things, since they’re going really well. I’m sort of enjoying keeping him all to myself.

I also don’t feel as though I need feedback at this point, and that’s hard to avoid when you’re a blogger.

But, faithful to my readers and feeling a bit more comfortable with where we are now, I’ll give in… just a little.

It’s only been a few weeks of dating, but things are moving along nicely. I see him a few times a week, we’ve gone out for drinks, walks in the park, a wine festival in the mountains, and several at home dates (at his place, since I’m living at home at the moment).

I’ve met his friends on a few different occasions, and I’m positive my like for them is mutual. Yesterday, he met two of my friends. I was nervous, but both of my friends really liked him, and vice versa.

He’s from southern Turkey, which means he’s tall, dark, and handsome. No really… he’s gorgeous. Black hair, brown eyes, perfectly tanned skin and a contagious smile.

There are some cultural differences, but none I foresee as being problematic. We seem to mesh really well together. He treats me better than I’ve experienced in a really long time, and I think it’s because of that cultural difference that he’s so well mannered and respectful.

Learning about him and where he comes from has opened my eyes to an entirely new world. I feel as though he interests and challenges me. He certainly intrigues me… lol.

I don’t know exactly where this is going to go, but I feel good about it.

My head is unusually rational, my heart is fluttering just about the right amount, I haven’t got a single red flag plaguing my gut, and I’m generally comfortable with him.

I don’t squirm for the covers when he sees me naked, he’s just the right dose of sweet, and my cheeks are actually sore from smiling & laughing so much with him.

And that my friends, is all you get to know for now. :)

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18 thoughts on “Am I Going to Write About My New Man?

  1. Yay! Share as much as you want to and no more than that. We’ve all gotten feedback that we didn’t want from sharing. So happy for you!

  2. I’ve been following your Tweets, but still beamed after reading this post. Love, love, love, love!

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