Stories of the Ex: Transport Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks, and Hydro-Vac’s

Darren’s job-hopping never got any better. In fact, it got worse.

If I think back really hard, I can recall nearly a dozen or more jobs he had in the (just under) two years that we were together. There were the two hot tub companies (one of which he was fired from twice), a lawn care company, he drove several different kinds of trucks (transport trucks, dump trucks, cement trucks, and hydro-vacs), and then of course there was his big “get rich quick” pyramid scheme selling insurance and all sorts of investment options to the rich or soon-to-be-rich.

I fought that one in the beginning, but he was really passionate about it and he was damn smart so I knew he could do it if he was able to stick with it. But, in the end, after I’d sunk hundreds of dollars into his text books and training and start-up costs, and he’d spent weeks studying for financial exams (and passing!), he hit a small road-block and didn’t want to do it anymore. It was all wasted.

Oh, and there was the telecommunications pyramid scheme as well, I almost forgot about that money-sucker. He actually had the nerve to call up all of my family and friends to try to sign them up with this company. I was so mad, but when I said no he made me feel like I didn’t have any faith in him, so I let him.

There was always something.

Darren always had some bright idea to make it rich quick and easy. He never wanted to listen to me when I told him that if he just worked hard and stuck with something that he could be successful, but he never wanted to be just successful. He wanted to be a millionaire. He wanted to rule the world, and he wanted to do it easily.

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5 thoughts on “Stories of the Ex: Transport Trucks, Dump Trucks, Cement Trucks, and Hydro-Vac’s

  1. all these posts keep reminding me of my exes! there was this one, totally gorgeous, but he just thought he’d be Important one day. He never had the plan on how to get there. And like Darren, lots of jobs and getting fired. My guy never did the get-rich-quick thing, but he’s 30 and still job hopping. Nice guy, but doesn’t understand what hard work is and how to stick it out to get somewhere. :-/

    Like Marisa said— keep ‘em coming! Loving this series!

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