Re-Post: Preparedness and Support

When trying to lose weight, one has to take a very honest look back and recognize where they went wrong, or where the gaps were. Two of the things I’ve always lacked are preparedness and support. Now that I’ve gotten serious about slimming down and getting healthier, I’ve got to fill in those gaps.

I wrote a post not long ago about the lack of support I have in my personal life, I reached out to you to help point me in the right direction, and you did not fail me. Since writing that post, I’ve “liked” several weight loss/fitness related people on Facebook and I’ve followed others on Twitter. I’ve also bookmarked some great blogs and have received emails of support. I admit, I haven’t had a chance to read through ALL of those blogs yet, but I have been doing a lot. So far one of my new favourites is Samantha’s blog. (I would link here if I were writing on my public blog.) Last weekend I started at Samantha’s very first post and as of this evening I’ve caught up to February of this year. Since I’m just at the start of my weight loss and not entirely sure what to expect, I wanted to read through her entire journey thus far (I know she hates that word!), and so far I’m enjoying every minute!

THANK YOU friends, for providing me with the support I haven’t been able to get from my family… you have no idea how important & appreciated it is. Being surrounded by simple reminders makes a world of difference.

I’m sure tackling my lack of preparedness is going to prove to be more of a struggle. I’ve never been one to pack my lunch the night before (seriously, who wants to spend their evenings doing that?) and I usually don’t plan my meals ahead of time so often I’m faced with the issue of not having the right groceries on hand. Eating on the go is also a big issue for me- and I’ll have to figure that one out later, as I plan to make one of my next goals “tackling weekends” which are typically epic fails for me.

Today I went out and did a little bit of shopping. I wanted to get some paint so I can start painting my condo in my free time (ha, free time) and I was low on things like garbage bags and dish soap. I also bought a new Swiffer and a stainless steel garbage can… I’m really excited about the garbage can actually, odd I know (it’s just that I only had one of those under the sink wire bag holder things and with no “sealed lid” it gets smelly so fast and I hate that!)- but hey, if I’m going to spend more time in my kitchen- and in this damn 500 square foot condo- then it needs to be functional.

I picked up some groceries on the way home, put all of my new purchases away neat and tidy, and in my sparkling clean & now functional kitchen (I spent most of yesterday cleaning) I was feeling inspired and ready to get prepared for the week.

I found a bunch of Strawberries & blueberries on sale so I washed and sliced them all and divided them into containers to eat with yogurt this week. I boiled eggs to take to work with me, I sliced my red peppers and my asparagus so it’s ready for cooking in the evenings (I hate coming home from work hungry and having to take the time to get everything prepared), I divided my crackers into the proper servings and put them into baggies, and into other baggies went a slice of bread and a Laughing Cow light cream cheese triangle. The only thing I didn’t get done was cooking the whole wheat pasta & ground beef for dinners this week (yes, I tend to eat the same thing for at least a few days straight- as being single it just goes bad otherwise), but that was only because the beef isn’t entirely defrosted yet, so I’ll do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow after work, I’ll need to head back to the grocery store for some more meat and vegetables (meat at my usual grocery store was crazy expensive today, and I didn’t pick up enough produce for dinners), but other than that, I’m all set for the week!

I’ve been logging all of my food & exercise into this website called and it’s been working wonders. I like it because there’s no pressure on this site, it simply tracks what you eat and let’s you know based on your goals, where you are. There’s also an area for forums which is handy and it’s got a great database of foods so I don’t have to read labels 24/7, all the info is there in the system already. Tonight, I logged all of my food for tomorrow so I know exactly what I’m eating, and then I went and packed all of my pre-prepared food into a bag so I can grab it quickly in the morning when I’m no-doubt running late because I stayed up an hour and a half past bedtime writing this post (oops!).

So, I’m feeling like I’m doing pretty good with this whole new “lifestyle” (not a diet!) of mine. I’m glad that instead of focusing strictly on weight loss, I’m focusing more on developing these new habits. I’m still walking to work every day, and yesterday I even started doing a kickboxing routine I have on DVD, which I haven’t done in over four years! I used to be so good at it but yesterday I think it nearly killed me and my legs are so sore today… but it’s a good sore! I’ve not been doing the greatest on the “no alcohol” front, since I’ve allowed myself to have drinks twice, but I was proud of myself yesterday because when my BFF was drinking at the Katy Perry concert and said she wanted to go party afterwards (we usually go dancing, but I don’t dance sober!), I shaped up after one beer and told myself “no, I’m stopping here. I’m not drinking any more tonight and I’m going home instead”. And I did, just like that. And even though I worried she’d guilt me or tell me I’d killed her evening of fun, she didn’t. She accepted it, and all was well.

Well, I guess I’d better be off to bed… one of my new goals (when I get a little further in this “no alcohol” thing- one step at a time) is going to be getting into bed by 10pm on work nights… so I may as well not push the limit now. I’m not even going to take the time to spell check this post… TAKE THAT! lol

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4 thoughts on “Re-Post: Preparedness and Support

  1. planning ahead is key! And bringing your own lunches will get easier and I’m sure you’ll soon love putting it all together. :) Glad to hear you’re filling in those gaps!

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