A Successful Weekend

No matter how good I seem to be during the week, it always goes to hell without my routine, on the weekends. This weekend was different though, this weekend I stayed on course!

I managed to keep any cravings at bay, and I didn’t emotionally eat/eat out of boredom ONCE. I also drank a lot more water than I usually do on the weekends.

I also managed to get to bed at a more reasonable hour than I usually do when I don’t have to worry about work the next day.

I was successful in my new goal to work out on Saturday as well as (hopefully) once during the week. Actually, I kicked the crap out of that goal! I did my kickboxing DVD on Tuesday, I went to my aquasize class on Wednesday, then I did my kickboxing DVD again on Saturday. I followed that up with painting my entire living room and sanding and painting a couple of pieces of furniture today.

Every muscle in my body aches tonight… my legs hurt, my back hurts, my abs are freaking killing me, even my hamstrings and my butt hurt. It’s all a good hurt, though! (Though I admit, I’ll probably take an Advil before crawling into bed tonight!)

What I’m even more proud of this week- is the number on the scale. I weighed in on Friday and I was the same weight as I was the Friday before (-7lbs), which is actually a huge feat because Aunt Flo showed up Saturday morning (if you catch my drift) and I always gain between 5-10lbs every time she’s in town! This week, I didn’t! I’m hoping that in a few days once she leaves, an even better number will be reflected on the scale… and if not then I’m okay with that too. After all, it’s all about developing better habits, right?


Just a reminder that most of the posts being published lately are “re-posts” from my private blog, so they are posts I’ve written over the past couple of months, and don’t necessarily reflect *today*. Those posts have “Re-Post:” in front of the title, so you know which ones are current and which aren’t.

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9 thoughts on “A Successful Weekend

  1. I’m horrible on the weekends, and my weekends usually begin thursday night. so that means I’m ‘good” 3.5 days out of every week. I’ve kind of realized that I am just going to lose weight slowly, and do my best in social settings. It is SO hard to lose weight and I think any little bit helps! Are you on myfitnesspal.com? Tabitha and I are on there and it’s helped me a lot. You shoudl check it out and find me if you decide to do it!

  2. Great job girl! I am (ironically) much better on the weekends. I spend time making meals, I exercise more often and I don’t feel so rushed. During the week I used to be notorious for waking an hour before I had to be to work then frantically running around throwing things together. Morning exercise classes have helped, but I still hate weekdays – haha.

    GREAT job on the weigh-in – I usually gain 7-10 pounds too so I never weigh myself during that week. If I do I end up miserable. Since you did and it’s the same – you’ve definitely had a loss!


    • I’m definitely not an early riser, but I’ve made an effort to plan more in the evenings (which I loathe doing). Still, on weekends I eat poorly either out of boredom or else because I’m on the go and have limited options.

      Looking forward to weighing in this Friday, but also nervous as hell!

  3. I flub up my wkends CONSTANTLY. & the thing is I don’t even do bad on Friday’s because I have school on Sat AM. But Sat & Sun night? Good lawd it ain’t pretty. If I can make it through one weekend, I’m positive I could remain “good” for several. You’ve inspired me :D

  4. That’s great! Love that you’re feeling more energy and seeing a difference. I’m a weekend eater, too. If I start eating well on Monday, though, I’ll see it through the week better. xoxo

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