She’s Back!

Hello friends!

Long time no…. blog.

I know, I know. I’ve been neglectful, I’m sorry okay?

Truth is I’ve been doing quite a bit of blogging on my private blog. It’s really helped me to get my head together again and get back to the basics of why I started blogging– to express my thoughts and mostly, to make sense of them! At some point I started caring too much what everyone (you) would think about certain things I said, so I started censoring myself… and I hated it. I felt like I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons anymore, and I SWORE I always would.

The break has helped, though. I feel great, and I’m hoping to soon start re-posting some of the content from my private blog, here.

Mostly I’ve been writing about two things: 1) My weight loss “journey” (for lack of a better word- SORRY SAMANTHA!) and 2) I’ve finally started writing about my relationship with “the ex”. I’m calling those posts “Stories of the Ex” and I will be re-posting them here, in time. (I have to edit them a bit as being a private blog I didn’t censor names and what-not.)


So, what has IntrigueMe been up to for the last couple of months?

I spent several weekends in the ‘burbs with family, helping my Mom & Grandma move into a new place together- the place that I was considering renting! Yes, I decided the move was not right for me and suggested it to them instead. Since my Grandma hasn’t been doing well, it was time for my Mom to find a bigger place and move my Grandma in… so that’s what they did.

Mostly though, I’ve been focusing on losing weight. For the first time EVER, I feel as though I’m in the right place to start this journey (eff, there’s that word again). I have worked hard to remove any negativity from my life (clutter, junk, and even friends) so that I can really focus on myself and my health.

…and who says “selfish” is a bad thing?

To be honest guys, I feel fantastic! I’m down only about 7lbs so far, but that’s okay! It’s a start!

I’ve begun by making the decision to focus on developing better habits, one at a time. I started with walking to work and back (30 minutes each way). I’m glad to say I’ve done incredible with this goal- I’ve taken the bus maybe four times since the beginning of May when I returned from vacation.

In addition, I’ve been drinking lots of water, have become nearly obsessed with tracking my food & calories, have mostly cut out alcohol (*sad face*), and have been getting in additional workouts a couple of times a week.

It’s all about baby steps, but I’m getting there, and I’m feeling great doing it. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this positive, or this motivated.

I realized a few weeks ago that I have next to no support in my personal life. My family is discouraging and my friends pressure me to go out and drink or else they don’t understand why I say “no” to attending a function that I know will be hard for me. They just don’t understand, and so I had to really remove that negativity from my life and rely solely on myself. In order to do that, I reached out to some of my blogger friends to point me in the direction of more weight loss or fitness related blogs, so that I could bookmark them and read them to keep myself motivated and also to build a network of people who are going through the same thing. I also “liked” a lot of fitness related pages on Facebook, and I followed the same sorts of people on Twitter. Esentially, I’ve completely surrounded myself with the regular reminders that my priority right now is getting fit and healthy.

This has helped tremendously!

Well I’m off to bed, one of my other goals is to start getting a better night’s sleep! I can’t wait to start posting here again, and keep your eyes peeled for some re-posted content from my private blog!

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8 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. Yay for getting healthy! I’m trying to get on track with that as well. A friend who’s trying to get into running is signing up for a bunch of races and I’ve always wanted to be a runner, so I might sign up for some too. It’s the only way I’ll get motivated. Plus the names of these races are hilarious. Apparently there’s one in January called “Freeze Yer Gizzards”. too funny.

    Congrats on losing the 7lbs so far!

    • Thank you!!

      Signing up for one or two races sounds like a great idea– Just don’t sign up for too many and overwhelm yourself, I know people who train for months and months just for one race!

      You can do it- way to go!

  2. First off, I totally forgot about your private blog. I’m a crap blog friend. Will be catching up on that soon!

    Second, not to be that irritating cheerleader, but don’t say “down only about 7lbs”. What do you mean only?! You are down 7lbs that you worked your ass off for. I’ve been reading your tweets. I know what you’re eating and working out… Be proud of those 7lbs girl! Ok, that’s enough of the annoying pep talk, promise.

    • Don’t worry about it girl, no biggie. :)

      I know, I know… 7lbs is 7lbs… I have to start wrapping my head around that. Honestly, I’m trying not to think too much about the numbers.

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