I keep listening to this song and thinking…. I have got to get kissed. For real. I don’t even want to try and figure out how long its been.

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16 thoughts on “Pathetic

  1. IntrigueMe- if its really been that long- then kiss anybody. Anywhere. Drunk or not. Prrferrably drunk if its not a great option. Seriously, break the streak n getting it going again girl. Trust me. :-)

  2. The first time I ever talked to B on Facebook his status was lyrics from this song.
    I finished the verse as a comment.

    This song holds a special place in my heart, as corny as it sounds.

    Love it. :)

  3. ha… I totally kissed this guy Saturday night. It meant absolutely nothing, but it was fun and who cares! Personally for me- I just wanted to kiss someone. It’s been awhile for me too since the last guy I dated and he’s a douche bag and a half and it’s good that he’s no longer the last guy I kissed :) So take the advice of the other commenters and just kiss someone! Doesn’t have to mean anything! :)

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