Great Day for a Blog Post

It seems like forever since I’ve written my last blog post. I’m not even going to check the date on my last one, I don’t want to know. Honestly, I figured my time on vacation would go one of two ways, either a lot of blogging or else not much at all. I suppose for the first half at least, it’s turned out to be the latter. Usually I talk to some of you either through email, Google Talk, or Facebook, but lately I haven’t really caught up with anyone via those methods either. I miss you guys!

Vacation has been a riot so far, okay, riot may not be the right word but it has been a lot of fun. A day of wine tours in the BC interior with my friend T, followed by lots of time with M and the Ghostbuster. M and I have had lots of time to catch up and have girl chat, and plenty of wine has been drunk. The weather was really sunny on Friday which was perfect because we had a girls day planned with the two of us, Ghostbusters Mom and sister-in-law. We had mimosas and pedicures on the patio, followed by lunch, wine, face masks, and a dip in the hot tub. It was my favourite day of vacation so far, and I even got a tan! WOOT! This weekend being Easter, I tagged along for a bit of family time. M’s family had me for dinner down island on Saturday, and Ghostbusters family hosted an incredible five course dinner tonight. I sure do know how to pick my friends!

The next few days M’s working so I intend to lay low and relax, maybe I’ll have a chance to catch up with some of you! On Thursday we’re heading back down island to Victoria for a bit of sight-seeing, and then we’ll catch a ferry from there Friday morning to head to the border for my blogger meet-up!


On another note… a few things this week have reminded me of my Grandma, so I’m missing her a little today. I was putting on my make-up in the mirror this afternoon before dinner and I thought, I really wish she was still here so that I could talk to her about all the things going on in my life. I wanted to be able to ask her something silly like about the brand of eyeliner I was wearing. The strangest things make me think of her. It’s probably because M and I were watching some home videos earlier in the week.


Well, I suppose I should get some sleep tonight, so that I can get up tomorrow and do absolutely nothing. ;) I can’t believe it but, I haven’t thought about work once since I’ve been gone…


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15 thoughts on “Great Day for a Blog Post

  1. I miss you! ;-) But it sounds like you are having an amazing time already! Can’t wait to hear how the bloggy meet-up goes too. And as for your Gram, I am missing my Nonna today too…her birthday would have been today. XO.

  2. Hey, if you make your way to Seattle during this little vacation, maybe you should consider trying Pagliacci’s Pizza and drinking some of our fine Columbia Valley wine. Oh, and a walk to Pike Place Market might be fun.

    Just a suggestion.

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