Keep On, Keepin’ On

Well friends. Today I got to work and was feeling a serious case of the Monday’s… but I sucked it up, and went to it, and actually got a heck of a lot crossed off of my task list.

This evening, I wanted to come home and make a sandwich and be lazy in front of the TV. Instead, I came home, made my sandwich, and lugged my ass to the swimming pool. Tonight’s class was particularly uninspiring (the instructor on Monday’s is kind of boring) but I stuck it all the way through all the while rolling my eyes and wishing I was somewhere else. Point was: I wasn’t. I was there, plugging away.

You know, it’s pretty funny thinking about how stupid I must look in the pool doing water aerobics. It’s even funnier when you look at the person next to you and notice how stupid they look doing water aerobics. I don’t mean that in a cruel way (remember my last post? I’m the last person who should be cruel), but it is rather awkward looking and quite comical. I think most of us get a kick out of it.

As for weight loss… I weighed in on Saturday morning 5.2lbs lower than my starting weight, and I’ve been bouncing around that number since. I’ve been weighing myself every morning just to notice any patterns and what-not, but I’m doing my official weigh-in on Friday’s… so I’ll know in a few days what my official weight loss is to date. Saturday was a bit of a bad day as I tend to struggle on the weekends with less structure and staying up later (so I get hungry again a few hours after dinner), but Sunday was better and today was good too. I think I should have good results this week.

And… I only have four days of work left before I’m on vacation!!

Does anyone have any low-calorie alcoholic beverage recipes they want to share? I’m determined to allow myself a few drinks on vacation while still maintaining my weight… which means I’ll be eating a lot of salads (bleh) unless I can think of some somewhat healthy drinks. (I know wine is my best bet but I don’t want to drink just wine.)

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28 thoughts on “Keep On, Keepin’ On

  1. Vodka tonics are definitely the tastiest out of the list so far. I started drinking those when I went out because of weight watchers–they were fewer points. They are so yummy. Pretty much any vodka with tonic (diet would be great, but our hick bars here don’t have diet :) with fresh lime. Or flavored vodka with club soda or seltzer water and a splash of cranberry. Those are alright :)

    Good job at getting out and just making yourself do it. Getting myself to the gym is the hardest part. Plus you feel so good when you leave, right?!

  2. I LOVE vodka and water with a slice of lemon and a slice of lime. They’re good because it’s really low cal AND you’re continually drinking water so the hangovers are pretty much nil. You must be getting excited!

  3. white wine spritzers are what i drink when i’m being mindful of calories (and drunkenness!)
    enjoy the vacay girl and rock that bod of yours– you’re working hard!

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