An Easy Friendship

I had dinner with my friend Matt tonight. We’ve been hanging out a lot again lately, and I feel really good about that.

Matt and I have been friends for years. I met him just a couple of weeks after I moved into my very first place by myself (sans roommates), when I was 19. We had a mutual friend (a guy I’d met on Lavalife, actually) who brought him along to my housewarming party, and we were instant friends. There was never any sort of romantic connection between Matt and I, just a really great, easy friendship.

Matt is one of those guys who always says what’s on his mind, which is probably half the reason we get along as well as we do. But, he’s also funny and charming and extroverted. He’s one of those people who you just love to be around. The kind you always have a good time with. He’s one of the very few people I feel like I can be my complete self around.

It’s refreshing, really.

The parts of our friendship which I missed the most over the last couple of years, is how he always greeted me with a great big hug, how he had a tendency to call out of the blue and say “let’s go for dinner”, and how he’d just pop by for a visit and we would talk for hours. It was always so easy being friends with him, and I hate to think that I ever took him for granted.


I feel like things are in just the right place for me right now. My career is exactly where I want it to be, my finances are nothing to complain about, and while I’ve let go of a lot of friendships over the last couple of years… the ones I’ve held on to, or the ones that have come back to me, are stronger than ever.

Life is good, and I’m really lucky.

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14 thoughts on “An Easy Friendship

  1. aww. this reminds me of a few of my guy friends that I can be 100% be myself around. love it.

    yay for being happy!

  2. This is soooooooo nice to hear. Because I know that a lot of times many of us (myself 100%) included often use our blogs to vent, bitch, rant, rave, provide commentary and its nice when its an outlet for thankfulness and rejoicing. Kudos to you. If you have a nice life with all your stuff together – its because YOU created that for yourself and that should make you proud. Cheers, T.

  3. This is great! I’m happy your life is something you recognize going well at this time. You’ve set goals and are actually working on meeting them if you haven’t already. That’s a good feeling and you should feel proud.

    Friends are the best. The kind you can just “be” with. Most of my life, other than my sisters, my best friends have been guys.

    • Thank you! I’ve met so many of the goals I’ve spent the last couple of years working towards. I’m so proud of myself, and really excited for some time to just enjoy it!

      I must admit, I do feel more comfortable with men than I do with women. I also noticed that I always feel uncomfortable hugging women, but not men. I’m going to say that probably goes back to the fact that my Dad was the loving one in my family growing up. It all really does go back to your childhood, doesn’t it? lol

  4. Now that is just awesome. To have a great guy friend that you can just be completely yourself around is so great! AND to be in such a good place right now, mentally, is even better. I’m so happy to hear that!

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