The Worst Dating Story Contest: Submission 15

The next submission in The Worst Dating Story Contest comes from Jordin at Lust, Laughs & Dating Mishaps.

Last night I went to a Blackhawks game. They won 4-1 which was amazing, but the company was a little strange.

Like I mentioned in my first post, I am prone to agreeing to hangout with guys thinking it’s a friends thing only to find out they think it’s a date. I’m pretty sure this is one of those situations.

I was invited by this guy the night before. We were all hanging out in a group and when he gave me and my friend a ride home he invited me to the game. I had heard him talking about it with some of the other guys we were with that night so I assumed it was a group going and they just had an extra ticket. I was wrong.

The next day we were talking and he asked if I wanted to go downtown to dinner first. I said I wasn’t very hungry (which was true, I ate a late lunch at 2pm) so we didn’t need to eat ahead of time. Then he said that his friend had tickets and wanted to all drive down together. “Thank God,” I thought.

They picked me up at my house to head to the game and his friend got out of the seat to give me shotgun. I was definitely one of the smaller people in the car seeing that I was the only girl, but even when I offered to sit in back they insisted I take shotgun. This is when I knew it may get interesting.

We stopped at McDonald’s on the way there because we were running late and his friends were hungry. I ordered a small fry off the dollar menu figuring food at the game would be expensive and I would need something to hold me over. He bought my fries. “Dammit.”

It started looking more like a date every second. He kept talking to just me in the car, the guys were hinting at it, and jokes about me returning the favor for the ticket were being made. I wanted to politely offer to just pay for my ticket but I thought that might be a little harsh.

Once we got to the game I found out me and Matt (the guy who invited me) were sitting separately from the other three guys with us. Turns out his family has season tickets so he had two seats while the guys bought standing section seats.

Once we sat down he was talking to some people he knew around us who had season tickets as well so I just texted a few friends. Then the drunk guy sitting next to us got involved. This man, who has a wife and a child, was hammered and hitting on me. He proceeded to try to “help a brother out” as he called it, and try to hit on me for Matt. This included telling me to flash them both, then when I said no to that he tried to get me to ‘sneak a peek for later’ to Matt (also didn’t happen), told Matt he was lucky he was with such a beautiful girl, flash me himself, and, after returning from the bathroom, telling me “the whole time I had my cock in my hand I was thinking of you.” Kill me.

Basically it was the most awkward experience of my life. And rather then asking him to stop due to me clearly being uncomfortable, Matt decided to laugh and egg him on. For those of you men who are wondering, egging on a guy making a girl uncomfortable is NOT the way to her heart.

After the game we met back up with the other guys for the ride home, where they once again insisted I sit shotgun. When we all got back to Matt’s all of his other friends bailed leaving me alone with him, at his house, and without my own car. It was already around 11:10pm so I told him I needed to be home by midnight. I hungout with him for a little while, which was weird because he kept throwing me compliments that weren’t getting him anywhere. Luckily his cat came downstairs so I sat and pet the cat until it was time for me to head home.

Thank god he didn’t make a move. I thought girls and guys could just go to sporting events as a friendly little thing. Clearly I was wrong.

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7 thoughts on “The Worst Dating Story Contest: Submission 15

  1. OMG to the guy at the hockey game. What a complete loser! I would have gotten a little unladylike and told him a few home truths myself and not waited for my date to step in. You are classier than I am, obviously ;-)

    Guys and girls hanging out can get awkward when people are on different wavelengths as to what’s actually taking place. I don’t know how you could correct this without appearing presumptuous or rude. The dilemmas of the modern woman!

  2. that sucks for sure. And um- dude with the whole “cock in my hand thinking of you” uh…what!? And this was the guy who’s married with kids? Charming.

  3. Oh good grief. I always seem to get into awkward situations where I think we’re grabbing drinks or whatever as friends and they think it’s a date. The most awkward thing ever. Thank god you had his (odd) friends around for at least part of the time. I also cannot believe this fool was egging that creep on.
    I love the part, “Luckily his cat came downstairs…” Yess…

  4. First of all, goooooo Blackhawks!!! :-)

    Second of all, this always happens to me too! Agreeing to go somewhere thinking it’s friends and then the guy gets all weird nervous and pays for everything. Getcha on that one.

    I cringed reading this story because I kept imagining myself in your shoes. Awkward.

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  6. WOW. As a fellow hockey fan, it’s total b.s. that we can’t go to games as friends with guys. i’d go to a game with anyone. inatimate objects. it does not mean i’m going to date you.

    at least your team won, right?

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