The Worst Dating Story Contest: Submission 13

Submission 13  in The Worst Dating Story Contest is rather special because it comes from one of my very first blog readers, Newme, who lives in India.

Dating is not the thing where I live. You’re either flirting, in a relationship, or just a slut! Anyhow, now its coming more into picture and people have opened up meeting online chat friends.

After being out of a long term relationship and had been single for a while, I decided maybe I could find someone. Maybe try ya! So I got to my yahoo messenger and went to a local community chatroom. After a lot of cocky messages and desperate ones, I saw a very different message. It read something like one’s introduction ‘I’m a pilot and blah, blah. How are you?’ . I couldn’t help but tell him that this was such a advertising himself ‘hi’ and the only intent of mentioning his job profile was to impress women. Somehow we got talking and he was too fast, trying to know too much about me all at the first time. Before we exchanged phone numbers, I made sure to see his pic and he looked decent, 24-25 yrs old, lean, wheatish complexion, standing in uniform with Vijay Malya (ya show off).

We talked for a week and he was very humorous, but still too fast for me. I kept putting that thought away thinking I’m too judgmental anyways and I should give people a chance and know them before I reject them.

He was very eager to meet, which was flattering, but when I said we could meet over coffee, he shrieked, literally! As if I had asked him to gulp down poison! He said he never met anyone for coffee and we should meet at some club or pub and booze and go for a long drive. Ya right! and I know where the drive would end! All this pushy stuff did get me a little off, but still I was being optimistic.

I told him clearly I would not meet at a pub or booze with him, so we could briefly meet and he could NOT have coffee. He was visiting my neighborhood to attend a wedding and we decided for a quick meet up.

He was late, I reached the place, sat in the car and looked at him. This was not the guy in the pic I saw!! This could’ve been his father!! He looked 35 yrs old or more.  I frooze! I was too terrified to confront him. He behaved psycho too. He didn’t even look at me, just said hi and asked where can we drive to. He told me he was not from this city, but then he knew the route to the lonely path and allt he turns. Creepy!! I didn’t know what to say, all I could think was ‘God! Please let me reach back home safetly!’. We spoke a little on some general stuff, and all the while he was driving and looking ahead, he didn’t even turn to look at me. We drove for 5 mins and I gathered the guts to tell him it has gotten quite late than what we planned for and he agreed and took the next U turn. Thank God! I’m still praying in my heart! Next five minutes of random talk on why people make friends on internet and his take was they don’t make friends to be friends, they have other reasons, I told him the only reason I was online was to find someone who can be a friends first and then later who knows. He dropped me and I got off a few blocks away from my home, and walked back home watching that no one was following me.

When I reached home, I swore I would never meet any stranger, alone, in his car, in the evening EVER!!

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6 thoughts on “The Worst Dating Story Contest: Submission 13

  1. I once got in a car with a random stranger because I had been out cruising with friends (this was in HS) in town and saw this guy. Well we caught up with him and my friend went for a drive with him first, but then we met up with them at a parking lot and my friend came back to the car saying he wanted me to ride with him. So I stupidly got in the car with him and we drove around and eventually stopped at this park. I was an idiot and left my purse in his car and he then suggested hide and go seek. I was like- hellllll no. So I made him drop me off with my friends again, but I’m pretty sure he just wanted to steal my purse and leave me at the park. I never saw the douchebag in town again.

    so yes- never get in cars with strangers!

  2. Well, crap. I was going to go on indignantly about how you should never, never, ever get into a car with anybody when prettylittlereckless reminded me of this time in college driving from Florida to Atlanta with my roommate and two guys in a car next to us started flirting. On the interstate. Then they held up a sign asking if we wanted to trade passengers. Apparently my 18 year old self thought that was a grand idea. Nothing bad or weird happened (it was actually fun) and we traded back after a few miles but this was before cell phones so it was complicated and even less smart. (Yikes, I’m old!) . Since I’ve started dating online though I will only meet people. No coming to my house or my getting into your/my car and driving together. Of course, there have only been two guys I’ve even wanted to go on a second date with, so that’s not exactly a stellar record of good judgment… but still.

  3. I think I remember a few cars I shouldn’t have gotten into, some more recently than I’d like to admit…. ie. my “douchebag date”, the one who groped me in his car. Never shouldda been in that car. Hindsight is a biotch.

  4. I’m glad the story has made everyone a little more careful! But seriously, when in the car, my mind was buzzing all the horrible things that could happen and I would have no control over..

    So ‘NEVER get in car with a stranger’ is now officially added to the long list of DON’TS for us Ladies!

  5. Your post is a great reminder that we shouldn’t get in cars with guys we don’t know. At best, that doesn’t constitute a date, and at worst, it’s unsafe!

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