Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Okay, time out.

Did anyone watch The Big Bang Theory last night? I don’t know if it was a new episode or not but it was the one where Penny starts a business making Penny Blossoms and the boys are helping her glue them together all night for a massive order, and Sheldon starts drinking coffee for the first time to help him stay awake and it makes him totally cracked-out. (Yes I do know that sentence went on forever, screw off.)

That’s how I feel today. I never drank coffee until I started this job, but I wanted to be at my best and really be productive so I started with a cup here and there… but now I’m drinking a cup of Tim Horton’s (Yum Tims!) almost every morning and this week it’s having a crazy effect on me! Between the coffee (it is rumored to have trace amounts of cocaine in it after all) and my nerves about my date tonight, my pulse is going about a mile a minute and I could literally jump right on out of my skin.

I started my morning giggly and nervous, and chatting with Jolene on Google Talk did not help that one bit (it just made me gigglier!)… then my afternoon hit and I got frustrated with yet another stupid work issue that really shouldn’t have frustrated me like it did, but hey, I’m cracked out on coffee so my emotions are on high- OKAY?! And now… I am attempting to take a breather and calm myself the heck down otherwise my date tonight is going to think I’m a freaking junkie. I can seriously hear my heartbeat pounding throughout my entire body… thump, thump, thump!

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