A Photo Blog

I’ve turned into one of those people who whips out their phone to take a picture of anything even remotely interesting (and sometimes more often that not, it’s not even remotely interesting). Today, I share those photos with you.

This first photo I took at a Chapters several weeks ago while I was waiting to meet friends for a movie (The Social Network- which rocked btw). Seeing these cracked me up a bit and immediately reminded me of two incredible bloggers, DysFuncJunc and Inris.

I have been searching long and hard (okay, maybe not hard) for the perfect mirror for the hallway in my entry way. I had the old intercom system and an old phone jack that needed to be covered up… and I finally found it at Home Sense for $30 (which is like my favorite store so I don’t know why I didn’t look there first!). The antique look of it matches my living room furniture. It really is too bad my Aunt just raised my rent and I’m probably going to be moving (again) in the spring.

This photo I took on Saturday night when in the middle of a horror movie marathon with my brother, a green “T” appeared on my television screen. I’m already used to the big green “T”, and it’s a good thing because my Christmas bonus doesn’t come until December. The puzzle in the photo is my Grandma’s. I’m her Secret Santa this year and she asked that someone do this puzzle for her so she can hang it on her wall. I hate it.

Sometimes I can be a little bit OCD. Like how I always turn the volume on the tv/radio up in even numbers… and in this case, how I find it to be completely annoying that whenever I have company they insist on using the one cup that doesn’t match the rest of the set. I didn’t spend all that money on sets so that they could use the odd “spare” cup! I only keep it because I broke one of the matching set. :(

Yesterday, my cousin and I went to the Women’s Show. She’s a little bit star-struck (I’m not at all *cough*) so we go down every year to check things out. I bought some spices, jams, spreads, and some other girly goodies… and then we watched as Adam from The Young and the Restless came out on stage.

…and then we ran into Jesse Kovaks from The Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad (actually we almost did run into him) and it turned out he was there promoting his new book The Young and the Thirsty. Surprisingly, it’s actually about his California wine business. My cousin of course wanted her photo taken with him, I shook his hand (ohhlala).


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6 thoughts on “A Photo Blog

    • Nooo kidding! Mondays blow! It was good to change things up to something light with all the Thirty Days of Truth stuff lately. It’s all seriously depressing me… good to get out though, but whoa… I will be glad to get this series over with!

  1. So, you’re one of “those” phone picture people…so am I … I do it all the time :) Not as bad as my coworker who takes photos of EVERYTHING but still it’s kinda fun :)

  2. I love the photo of the books. Can’t believe I’ve never checked out Inris’ blog. Need to remedy that!

    I laughed out loud at the spare cup thing. I have plastic tumblers that I only use for water for myself. I never like when someone takes one of them instead of a traditional glass, but I never have a good reason for asking them to switch.

    • LOL!! That’s the trouble isn’t it? “Can you please use another glass? Why? Well because…. because I said so!” It does sound quite riddiculous, I guess it just comes down to the fact that I’m secretly really vain.

      Inris has become one of my best bloggy friends- he’s a great guy and his blog is definitely worth keeping up on, so definitely give it a read!

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