My Little Corner of the Blogosphere

My little corner of the blogosphere used to be more of a little crumb in the blogosphere. When I first started about a year and a half ago, I was using Google and I didn’t even know what WordPress was. I rarely posted, I pretty much sucked, and nobody read it. That was okay though, because I’d only started the blog as a place for me to put down my thoughts. I was just starting to see the good in the world again after struggling with a bad break-up and I needed an outlet to help me stay motivated and to make sense of everything in my head. (Looking back now I actually find it interesting that I started blogging after I’d worked out most of the kinks from the break-up, instead of during.)

I had gotten the idea to blog from a casual friend who’d posted her’s on Facebook, and she was the only person I followed (her’s was the only blog I knew about!). One day she posted that she was moving her blog to WordPress, and after doing some exploring I discovered I much preferred WordPress’ layouts and features and so I made the jump too. It was then that I discovered the tag-surfer… and was therefore connected to many other blogs.

Some people would say “the rest is history” but for me it was small growth. I didn’t much care if anyone was reading because I was still naive to the world of blogging and all of its wonders. I had a small circle of blogs I followed and what more was there?

I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but I managed to connect myself to a few blogs which in turn led me to a few more blogs which lead me to a few more, which led me to Twitter which led me to a few more blogs. Somewhere in there I started noticing the same people commenting on my posts, and I was intrigued (ha- intrigued, get it? I’m so funny). I started reading their blogs as well and from there… I made friends.

I know, I know… friends… via blog? Via Twitter? What the heck is this craziness?!! It’s insane! And yet, it is what it is. Somehow I’ve managed to make more friends and stumble upon more great blogs than I can keep up with (I don’t know how some of you do it, I really don’t), and I am forever amazed at this little “culture”.

I communicate with some of you more than I do my IRL friends, and because my blog is my “me” space, my honest space, you guys sometimes (usually) know more about my life than my own family does!

Sure, there are things I’ve come to dislike about blogging. Since people are actually reading my blog, I’ve found that I’m slightly more cautious about what topics I write about. I don’t write about politics as much, I don’t write about my issues with my family (which is something I really want to write about and will likely password protect in the future) for fear they see the link in my internet browser and decide to be nosy. I have a few IRL friends who read my blog and while I’ve been selective who I’ve given the link to, I know that other friends are aware I have a blog and could easily find it and therefore I have to be careful who and what I vent about– which I find to be really unfair by the way, seeing as this is my space to be able to vent.

But aside from that, I really love blogging, and I love my blog friends and all the insight and encouragement they’ve brought to my life… and that my friends is where this post is headed…

As I’ve watched my blog grow, I’ve been grateful for the fact its been a slow journey. I’m grateful because I have a really hard time keeping up, and I want to keep up with all of you. When I see the size of some of your blogroll’s and hear about the number of posts in your readers, my jaw drops. When I see that some of my favorite bloggers somehow manage to respond to dozens of comments every day, I’m in awe. I hope that I can always be that blogger. The one that responds to all the comments, the one who keeps up with all her friends blogs, and the one that never stops loving this little hobby we all have in common.

I still don’t consider myself a writer (and I probably never will), but I love that I am a blogger. I love blogging, I love Quarter For Her Thoughts, I love the people in my little blogosphere. I love the friends I’ve made, and the stories we’ve all shared with each other. I love that I can express myself, and that blogging out all of my thoughts helps me to make sense of them. I love the progress I’ve made in my life simply because I have this incredible outlet and these incredible people who support each other and don’t criticize and who are all so different and yet so similar at the same time. I love the respect we hold for one another.

And with that, I want to point out that I’ve been adding a few more blogs to my blogroll lately. You probably read a lot of them currently (I probably found them through YOU) but if you don’t, you should give them a shot, I promise they’re worth it. ;)

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8 thoughts on “My Little Corner of the Blogosphere

  1. LOVE this post my friend!! Your blog is awesome and I love seeing the crossover with commenters to your blog, mine, and others in this little blog family we’re all somehow a part of. You WILL always be THAT blogger that replies to comments etc. I know it. When you are rich and famous, can I still be your friend? ;-P

    • Thanks Jo, you are too kind! I highly doubt I will ever be rich and famous (not via my blog, anyway) but we’ll still be friends regardless if I do! (And that had better go both ways!)

  2. Hi! I’ve seen your comments through out several other blogs . Tonight I threw out a post for people to send me one person they want to share with me, Jo sent me you! I guess this is my sign to visit. Love it! I’ll be reading !

  3. I love that you’re writing more and how your blog has expanded! I also feel blessed to be a part of the blog community that you’ve helped to create! I’m thankful to call you a friend! xoxo

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