Oh So Cosmo

So I’m sitting here on my Friday night, indulging in a couple of glasses of wine and watching some TV, and I happen to click to the Cosmo channel. As a young girl, I read Cosmo magazine religiously but as I got older I stopped for some reason. Tonight I’ve discovered that reason. It’s not only completely and utterly lame but it’s also all about pleasing him.


Example #1: “Take your man lingerie shopping with you so you can wear what he likes. Even if you don’t like it, wear it anyway, you’re sure to reap the benefits later.” Mmmkay ladies, go buy those underwear you absolutely hate wearing because they’re chaffing and uncomfortable. Who cares what you want, it’s all about him.

Example #2: “Touch him here, touch him there. It’ll make him happy if you do this, it’ll make him happy if you do that.” Great, and when you’re done, why don’t you just make him a fucking sandwich and fold  his laundry? It’s not like you do anything for yourself anyway, it’s all about him.

Example #3: “On the weekend, don’t ask him to do anything formal, anything that resembles a task, or anything at all when it happens during a football game.” Because we’re grouping all guys into the “stained t-shirt wearing, beer drinking, sports watching, farting on the couch every Saturday night” category.

Now don’t get me wrong, I want the guy I’m dating to think I’m sexy. I want him to have a good time in bed. I also don’t want to monopolize his weekends with a “honey-do list”, but what about us? Where are the articles about how to make ourselves happy?

…but it’s not us I’m really worried about. It’s girls. Young, impressionable girls, the ones that are still reading Cosmo, the ones that are going to grow up thinking that their life goal should be to make a man happy when they should be thinking about what makes them happy.

How about for once, the media gives them some advice on how to have a constructive, healthy, balanced relationship? How about advice on how to be confident and realize their self-worth? I am so tired of reading the same articles online and in magazines titled “The Five Places Your Man is Craving Your Touch”. Come on, how about some real, practical, useful information instead of this regurgitated crap all of the time.

Sorry if I’m rambling and not making any sense. This Cosmo attitude just irks me!

*rant over*

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10 thoughts on “Oh So Cosmo

  1. You’re spot on. I dislike many magazines for this reason. Waste of money, they’re all about telling you how you’re not good enough and that you need to buy this, buy that. Ugh!

    Honestly I find it frustrating that we’ve had 50 years of feminism and we’re still playing this tedious game…

  2. Now I totally remember WHY I stopped reading that crap too! Can’t believe they still presribe to teaching young girls to eliminate their individuality to win over a man! Bleh.

  3. Here, here! With the exception of a hand job (since that’s typically an act that a man can do better on his own), how tough is it to please a guy? Would love to have as many posts in a men’s magazine about “Finding her [clit, g-spot]” or building romance in a relationship. And, you’re right that happiness shouldn’t be sexually-based. (Did I really just write that? Lol.)

    • lmao… yes, you really did write that. :) Unbelievable. But really, sex is fabulous but it’s not everything. I’m distraught with the fact that it’s all these magazine’s seem to teach. What about self worth?

  4. You know, I never even realized it, but you’re totally right. Luckily, I haven’t read Cosmo in years, preferring mags like Women’s Health now. You and Jo are right, each issue is the same as the previous one!

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