…and Then I Lost a Bet

Somehow yesterday, a conversation about shoes turned into me losing a bet. It went something like this…

Me: “Pack comfy shoes for Bloggers In Sin City.”

Her: “But I have to wear heels, I’m 5’3″! How tall are you?”

Me: “I’m 5’4″ and a quarter. I wonder how tall so-and-so is?”

Her: “I think he’s short.”

Me: “I think he’s tall. Place your bet. I say 5’11”.”

Her: “I’ll go with 5’8″. What are the terms of this bet?”

Me: “A postcard, or something equally lame.”

Her: “And a blog shout out!”

And thus it was born… the most lame bet ever made. Congratulations Jolene, he’s 5’9″, and your card is in the mail. ;)

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11 thoughts on “…and Then I Lost a Bet

  1. OMG you are coming to Vegas too? I live in Vegas so I didn’t really sign up for bloggers in sin city on the website but I’m thinking about just coming down and hanging out :-)

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