Little Miss Sunshine

A few days ago I happily received my very first blogger award… the Sunshine Award, from Travis @ A Culminating Life. And though all his little blurb about me really said was that I nag him about getting things done (tap, tap, tap), I assume what he meant to say was that my often dark and gloomy in appearance blog has not foreshadowed my sunny personality (and anyone who knows me in person knows I shit rainbows)… and even though I’m not sure what sloneczko or Najpiękniejsza means, thank you Travis, thank you!!

In the spirit of keeping things going… I now hereby bestow this award to the following twelve (or so) bloggers…

1) Imerika @ Refreshingly Honest, because even though she’s got hard times ahead, she’s had giddiness oozing from her pores for weeks now. I’m really happy for you, Erika.

2) …And of course we can’t forget the boy who made her that way, Blog Boy (so you will always be dubbed) at Betterment Of Man. To you, I bestow the sunshine award for a few reasons. The smile on Erika’s face, the virtual roses you tried to award to my sorry Canadian ass (for which I was very proud) and lastly, the things you’re going to do for your Country (and the Country a lot of my family resides in).

3) Taryn @ A Peine For Your Thoughts, for having a killer blog title to start with ;) and for having such light-hearted and entertaining stories. I can always count on a chuckle here.

4) I want to forward this award on to my bloggy pal Brenda, but it seems she’s jumped ship and started blogging at some site I’ve never heard of and as I’m not sure if she wants it linked back here, I’ll let her find this and accept it if she so chooses. To you, I bestow this award because you remind me of my adolescent self. So fresh and young, loving a boy with that raw emotion I’m sure we can all remember, and the perfect touch of naivety.

5) City Girl @ City Girl’s Blog, because I love that while her blog has a lot of hits, she still takes the time to interact and respond to comments by her fellow bloggers. AND, she doesn’t get mad at me when my comments, like my personality, are somewhat blunt (I mean Buckeyes Boy, seriously?!! he he!).

6) Amy @ Patriotic Princess because I love her rants on politics, life, and wedding bliss.

7) Jeff @ Remember When… because I appreciate his bluntness… but mostly because he’s nice to look at in my Twitter feed. And lastly…

8 ) Busypretending @ I’m Busy Pretending to Not Look For You because I love her “Grace In Small Things” posts.

That’s it folks, you’re all the sunny ones whom I don’t (think) have received this award already numerous times.



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5 thoughts on “Little Miss Sunshine

  1. Słoneczko is Polish for ‘sunshine’. Najpiękniejsza is also Polish and it means ‘beautiful’

    Some of our best friends are the ones that keep the fire light and remind us what is beautiful and where beauty and sunshine really comes from.

  2. Wow! Thanks a million swedish fish! And thanks always for reading and commenting and generally being there. It is nice knowing someone is out there :)

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