I’m Going to Cry When We Win the GOLD.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging much. This is week three of doing my job plus covering half days doing someone else’s job at work, so my brain feels like mush. Aside from work, the only thing I’ve really been able to think about is hockey. You guys have no idea how much Canadians love their game- it’s truly insane here right now. I’m actually really regretting switching my vacation from February to April. I would have been in Vancouver right now experiencing  it all first hand with CH and her hubby. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a second chance during the NHL playoff’s. I’m hoping that when Canada wins GOLD, Iginla will come home pumped and my home boys take it all the way to the cup. We can only hope.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Going to Cry When We Win the GOLD.

  1. Um, no Iginla will not come home pumped…. Luongo is the one who will be pumped and push the Canucks into the playoffs! Thank god they put him in net last night, it’s about time the figured out that it is Lou’s house and he can man that net better than Brodeur!!!! I can’t even watch the games, I am too nervous and it just kills me to watch.

    oh, and PS: you should be upset you are not here during the olympics, it’s been amazing around here and the best weather we’ve seen in a long ass time!

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