Why a Woman Says it’s “Nothing”

I just read this article: View From Venus: How to be a Good Girlfriend

…and almost had a fit.

Here’s a newsflash: When a man asks a woman what’s wrong, and she says “nothing”… she’s not saying it because she wants you to figure it out for yourself. She doesn’t think it’s so obvious she shouldn’t have to tell you. Usually she says “nothing” because she’s either so mad she doesn’t know how to put it into words, or she is upset but hasn’t figured out the root of it herself yet.

Yeah- sorry dudes, but sometimes women even confuse themselves. See, we have these things called hormones that are surging through our body at any given time and sometimes they cause our emotions to fluctuate. Even if we are being difficult for the sake of being difficult- it’s not on purpose, it’s the hormones causing us to act crazy.

So- the next time your woman tells you “nothing” is wrong… let it go. Tell her you’re ready to listen if and when she wants to talk about it, and leave it at that. If it’s worth talking about when she figures it out, she’ll let you know. And while you’re waiting- why don’t you give yourself a big shot of estrogen and see how you like it.

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3 thoughts on “Why a Woman Says it’s “Nothing”

  1. And this is why I’ve learned to not ask what’s wrong. Instead, I will talk about everything else. And wait for you to tell me what’s wrong, once you’ve got it figured out, I’m all ears.

    I actually tried this recently and just briefly mentioned that I was thinking of her but didn’t ask anything about what I clearly noticed as something being apparently wrong. And not only did it work, but out of nowhere I was thanked for not being pushy. Once that happened. the flood gates opened and I was able to understand what truly was the problem. (Still you have to tread lightly and listen carefully, to know what you need to do next)

    It really made her happy!

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