It’s Fridaaaayyyyyy!!!

Good morning fellow bloggers!! Ahh- thank GOD it’s friday!!

My performance review went great yesterday- my boss said I “exceeded expectations” on many levels, so that made me happy. It’s always a good feeling when your hard work and ambition is recognized. Hopefully by Christmas the economy is looking up enough that we get our full bonuses in January. I could use a holiday, and my RRSP’s are looking a little scarce these days.

So it’s kind of a running joke at work that both my boss and I are obsessed with the show “The Bachelor(ette)”. She informed me that some of the top Bachelors from last season are going to be at the Calgary Women’s Show tomorrow, so I’m rounding up my troops for a day of scoping out sexy men. I’ve got to get my kicks somehow- afterall I did hide my Plenty Of Fish profile for the time being. No more dating for me!

Well that’s all of my random babbles this morning… I have something else I wanted to talk about but I’ll put that in a separate post.


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